The writer within: Getting her/him out


OPP HQ 028Conversations about writing can lead to action.

Lately there have been discussions with several people who have asked about what I’m writing and when and/or if I will be writing a book.

The B word scares me to death. I’ve read enough from reliable sources to know that it is a hard journey. I also know that anything worthwhile isn’t necessarily easy. For now though I think about the SS words – short story – because that doesn’t scare me quite so much.

For the next while I will be tapping into my inner self and tapping out on the keyboard. I have no idea what will come out but I’m lucky enough to have a few people to guide and support me. You know who you are (thank you.)

What scares you about writing? Do thoughts of not being able to  finish keep you from starting?

~ June Lorraine


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  1. I didn’t really start with short stories. I plunged straight into a book. I managed to finish it but felt I could do better. So I started another straight away. It was this one I was able to sell to a UK publisher. I had a confidence in it that I didn’t have with boook 1. But I needed to write that first book to get there. Now on book 3 that’s already been sold. Still daunting as ever but also wonderful.

    • How wonderful that your second effort made the grade. I wonder how many authors still have their first book stashed away – quite a few I suggest.

      Thanks for chiming in Sarah and congrats on Book #3 – In Bitter Chill – which is being released this summer I believe.

  2. It sounds like you have the right approach, June. From experience, I know how daunting writing a novel is. And I don’t think it’s something people can appreciate until they actually sit down to write. Just keep going as you are and you’ll get there.

    What scares me about writing? That the book I’m writing won’t be as good as the last. But it’s a fear that pushes me to try even harder.

    • Hi Vicki, well stated. Use fear, self-doubt and uncertainty to push yourself forward. Makes me ponder how many other occupations use this: actor, soldier, designer…?

      Thanks for weighing in. 🙂

  3. What scares me about writing these days is not having anything really meaningful to say. There’s so much struggling and suffering in our world that it’s hard for me to think that my “entertainment” writing matters. I want to write about beauty and harmony but find myself at a dead end as to how to do it, to find a story around that. There’s so much written about the necessity of conflict in a novel. That’s what keeps readers tuned in. Who wants to read about characters getting along?

    • Carol, perhaps the beauty is in how the characters resolve or rise above conflict and achieve their own harmony?

      Your “entertainment” can help a reader focus on something other than their own circumstances or makes them laugh. We never know when a small positive impact can make a difference even if it’s for a short period of time.

      Keep writing and thank you for being so open.

  4. I’m going through this process right now! I’m two thirds through my novel and I’m thinking (whenever I force myself to open my doc.) who will want to read this???
    Self doubt comes with the territory I suppose. I always like to find refuge in my short stories, it’s a refreshing break for me.

    • I think you are right it does come with the territory. We are all learning how important it is to push through the self-doubt and keep writing.

      Short stories as refuge, a nice way to put Donna. 🙂

  5. Writing a book is frustrating, tiring, exhilarating – when a chapter goes well – and when you finish it’s the great thing! Then come the re-writes – about nine for my last novel, I know there were fifteen for the first one and thirteen for the second. Hope the nine were enough lol Killing one’s “babies” is the hardest but you have to be ruthless. If it doesn’t work, then delete it. If you really can’t bear to do that, moving it into another folder for a future masterpiece might be a possibility!

    Taking time out and viewing your manuscript from a calm and detached perspective is good, writing an outline to which you don’t need to stick but use as a guide is a also helpful, especially when you get stuck! Wandering around procrastinating and trying out various scenarios in your head is standard behaviour. Indulging in chocolate and wine is mandatory lol Good luck!

    • I agree, move what you aren’t happy with to another folder. It could be reworked at a later time or mined for gold along the way. Or perhaps keep it to remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Meantime I’ll stock up on wine & chocolate.

      Waiting for your next book with some patience…
      Always very happy to hear from you Diana! xx

  6. I think the B word scares a lot of people, personally I’ll get about 1/3 in and become faced with the leviathan of a task ahead of me and become overwhelmed, stressed, and take some time away from the project and come back to it. That being said I only started this process a few months ago. I tend to just stick the short of sweet of poetry and short stories, honing my writing skills until I’m more comfortable to put any work in on the bigger task of finishing the B word.

    • Hi Thomas, I know I’m not alone, but it’s always helpful to read about when/where someone else might hit that wall of questioning self-doubt.

      Stepping away to breathe is an excellent option.

      Thanks for commenting, hope to hear more from you. We can commiserate by email anytime, my address is on the site.

      ~ June Lorraine

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