Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

London, England Post WWII

It’s almost dawn on Christmas day when Newman’s phone rings. A City Councilor is sending his driver to bring the Private Investigator Newman to the scene of an incident.

The body of Raymond Jarrett is found outside a church. Jarrett is a pimp for young men to discerning clients. And oh yes, a scandal is now in the making.

I won’t go further into the story, you have enough to get you started. This book takes time to read, the wording while intricate, is fluid and absorbing.

Beautifully written, Shamus Dust is a classic, atmospheric novel. Hardboiled in an restrained, soulful debut. Janet Roger is a rare writer.

Another book that caught me with its consonant work: Ain’t Nobody, Nobody by Heather Harper Ellett.

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      • I’d love to know how you discovered Shamus Dust June. I’ve just added your review to my media page and it’s looking very good. https://www.janetroger.com/media . I also added it to Facebook and Twitter and it’s getting quite a bit of attention so thank you very much for giving me such wonderful comments to share. Janet.

      • I wish I could remember which website I saw the book cover on. But it caught my eye and then of course it was noir and in London (my father’s city of birth. )

        So kind of you to feature Murder in Common on your website with the other reviewers. The praise you are receiving is well deserved.

        Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, and a wonderful New Year.

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