Month: December 2022

  • Peace on Earth

    Peace on Earth

    However you celebrate the holidays I wish for you a season of joy and good health. ~ June Lorraine Roberts

  • Jason Beech: Breaking Point

    Jason Beech: Breaking Point

    “My momma always said when poverty worms through your door, love jumps out the window.” From the first get go, Jason Beech gets our attention in this book of Crime Stories. Starting with Marley Anderson in Breaking Point, a man hiding in a cabin in the deep woods. Marley did some killing and it’s now…

  • Aaron Philip Clark: Blue Like Me +Interview

    Aaron Philip Clark: Blue Like Me +Interview

    ‘My father always said becoming a police officer is one of the most self-destructive choices a person can make. He likened it to drowning in a lake.’ Trevor “Finn’ Finnegan is a PI on a stakeout. He knows there are dirty LAPD cops involved at the site, but when his former partner Munoz shows up…

  • Eric Beetner: There and Back

    Eric Beetner: There and Back

    The Truth Must Not be Unearthed It’s a team building exercise into the forest for 10 colleagues. Many don’t want to be there, but two promotions are available and they know this is a test. Things go wrong immediately. When crossing over a fast moving river, a rope bridge entangles one of them and it’s…