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  • Rob Hart: The Warehouse

    Rob Hart: The Warehouse

    It’s your future! Zinnia is at The Cloud to engage in corporate espionage. Money drives her for the freedom it will bring. Paxton has come to The Cloud for two reasons. He desperately needs a job and maybe there will be a chance to tell Gibson, the creator of The Cloud, how his company destroyed Read more

  • The Whisper Man: Alex North

    The Whisper Man: Alex North

    If you’re lonely, sad, and blue, the Whisper Man will come for you Tom and his son Jake have moved to a new house in a new town after the unexpected death of Tom’s wife. It is there that he learns about The Whisper Man, Frank Carter, a murderer of children who has been in Read more

  • Philip Elliott: Nobody Move

    Philip Elliott: Nobody Move

    Nobody Move is an apt title for this book, as any sudden action among the characters can bring everything to a brutal, bloody stop. But momentum is whirling all around. Eddie Vegas pulling the trigger at the wrong time, Dakota searching for her missing sister, Rufus needing retribution for a dead brother. Then there’s Floyd Read more

  • Heather Harper Ellett: Ain’t Nobody Nobody

    Heather Harper Ellett: Ain’t Nobody Nobody

    East Texas in the 90s is a hardscrabble time. People make do, and some do what they shouldn’t. You’ve got some decent people round about but all the scuttlebutt is at the feed store where the three Jimmies pass judgement on the goings on. Randy Mayhill once had a best friend. Van was his name Read more

  • John Vercher: Three-Fifths

    John Vercher: Three-Fifths

    Bobby and Aaron have been friends since their school years. But when Aaron comes out of prison years after his sentencing, Bobby barely recognizes him. Gone is the wanna-be, pseudo black persona. In its place, a hardened, white supremacist full of tattoos and hatred. Bobby who’s always hidden that he’s bi-racial, is terror struck the Read more

  • Alan Parks: Bloody January

    Alan Parks: Bloody January

    Glasgow’s underbelly in the 1970s is well given life in this debut book by Alan Parks. A young man commits murder at a Buchanan St. bus station. Shooting a waitress before killing himself. For DI Harry McCoy the question is why. There isn’t a connection between the two people. When the murder/suicide leaves a dotted Read more

  • TH1RT3EN: Steve Cavanagh

    TH1RT3EN: Steve Cavanagh

    The wife of a Hollywood ‘It’ couple is found dead with her security guard in bed beside her. The husband, Robert Solomon is charged with their murders, and it’s the sensational trial of the year. The defense team hires Eddie Flynn to take on the police evidence. He’s got a bad history with the police Read more

  • Autumn Begins

    Autumn Begins

    A New Season of Crime Fiction It’s been in the air the past few weeks. That change in the light, cooler days and the expected rebound into a hot sunny afternoon. It all signals the commencement of fall, my favourite time of the year. I did a lot of reading this summer. As you likely Read more

  • Late Summer Hiatus

    Late Summer Hiatus

    Gros Morne Newfoundland Photo credit: Steve Jermanok Time for my usual summer hiatus beginning with a vacation touring the province of Newfoundland. I hope you are all enjoying a happy and safe summer, and get to do a little reading. See you in Autumn. ~ June Lorraine

  • Benedict J Jones: The Gingerbread Houses

    Benedict J Jones: The Gingerbread Houses

    With bonus Q&A below Not much is pretty about the Gingerbread Houses, an image that normally conjures beauty and charm. These Gingerbread Houses are vile places where degenerate behaviours are forced upon the young. PI Charlie ‘Bars’ Constantinople is hired to find a pedophile using the name Teddy Bear. A man who has left the Read more