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  • Monday’s CWC Update

    It’s a beautiful sunny Monday in Toronto and time to post the Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) events for the upcoming week for Ontario: Also a reminder from the CWC that tomorrow is the deadline for the Unhanged Arthur. June Lorraine

  • End of Week

    Here it is Friday and I am ending my first blog post week of October. I can’t say it has been a prolific week but it has been interesting and I have garnered a few ‘followers’ and a few ‘likes’. The Wrap-up  The Art of Reading brought me comments from two Australian authors: Vicki Tyley…

  • Harvill Secker Announces Two New Books From Jo Nesbo

    Interesting news about Jo Nesbo

  • The art of reading

    While there is no mistaking my preference of genre I like to keep this inclination fresh by changing the county of origin of the author.  Makes no difference you say? Then perhaps you have not moved out of your reader comfort zone and have unknowingly stuck to the top 10 list of authors for country…

  • So Jo

    Jo Nesbo has put out his 10th book – Police – and I have yet to make much of a dent into the great Harry Hole series. So many books, so little time,  so few dollars.   Order The Harry Hole Series by Jo Nesbo

  • The Conversation

    Get people talking about books and authors and you will have a conversation that will continue long into an evening. When it comes to murder mysteries, thrillers and whodunits, critiquing methods of murder and probability of success is in the blood (so to speak.) Discovering new to me authors is always a joy. Last year…