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  • James Hankins: Brothers and Bones

    James Hankins: Brothers and Bones

      Duplicity   Two brothers. One missing for 13-years, the other a successful federal prosecutor. Two words that change a life, and a rabbit hole no one would want to go down. Charlie Beckham never gave up looking for his brother Jake, he just hides it from his fiancee who is exasperated with his obsession. Read more

  • Candace Fox: Crimson Lake

    Candace Fox: Crimson Lake

      Lake of Tears     In Crimson Lake, former detective Ted Conkaffey does his best to remain unnoticed. Charged with the sexual assault of a young girl, no one believes he is innocent when the charges are dropped due to insufficient evidence. Depressed at losing the right to visit his daughter, Conkaffey meets with Read more

  • Michael Pronko: The Moving Blade

    Michael Pronko: The Moving Blade

    Feeling Tokyo   Michael Pronko contacted me out the of the blue one day, and it was the best kind of surprise. The second book of his Tokyo Mystery series, The Moving Blade was released September 30, and if you have an interest in Japanese culture in a crime fiction setting, give this serious consideration. Read more

  • Thomas Pluck: Bad Boy Boogie

    Thomas Pluck: Bad Boy Boogie

      Darkness aired   The town bully and budding psychopath was killed by 17-year old Jay Desmarteaux. Everyone knew he deserved it, but only one person went to prison for it. Twenty-five years later and out on early release, the town and its hierarchy don’t want Desmarteaux around. Not a surprise really, but why have Papa Read more

  • Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Small town terror   It’s 1964 and Center Springs Texas has a problem. It starts with the discovery of a dog tortured and killed. As Constable Ned Parker surveys the scene he recognizes this is just a beginning. As the animal killings escalate over the weeks and months, the clues left behind show that the Read more

  • Reed Farrell Coleman: Where it Hurts

    Reed Farrell Coleman: Where it Hurts

       Sleep walker   If he had his druthers, retired cop Gus Murphy would not be a courtesy van driver for a cheap hotel, he wouldn’t be divorced, and his son wouldn’t be dead. But life is a shell game and one’s own way is not always on the table. Murphy’s life is a list Read more

  • Becky Masterman: Rage Against the Dying

    Becky Masterman: Rage Against the Dying

    One step in One step out   Brigid Quinn retired from the FBI after many years in the field. She never caught the Route 66 killer, and worse than that, she lost an agent to him. With a new husband she adores she lives behind a mask, hiding her fear and regret. The job had Read more

  • Jordan Harper: She Rides Shotgun

    Jordan Harper: She Rides Shotgun

    Weave & dodge   She’s learned how to take a punch, how to strangle, how to manipulate. Granted it was all there inside her, an anger roiling like spoiled milk in her stomach.  She pushed these feelings down as she dealt with the bullies at school. Life can be hard at eleven. Polly is on Read more

  • Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Mystery Lady   I first brought Sue Coletta to this website when I put her book Marred on the 2016 Summer Reads list. It’s amazing what has transpired since then. With perseverance and hard work, she has moved forward with several projects, and sparked much admiration among her peers. For this guest post, I wanted Read more

  • Melissa Yi: Human Remains – Book Launch Today!

    Melissa Yi: Human Remains – Book Launch Today!

      Moving forward Moving on?   When I last wrote about Melissa Yi’s wonderful character Dr. Hope Sze, she was in dire circumstances in Stockholm Syndrome. The aftermath of this has resulted in PTSD. Currently living in Ottawa, Sze is set for a rotation at a lab for stem cell research. Scoping out the lab the evening before her first work day, she Read more

  • Crime Fiction Horizon

    Crime Fiction Horizon

      Victoria Weisfeld is a talented blogger who discusses books, movies, plays and topics of general interest on her website: VWeisfeld.com.  Her posts are always informative and well worth reading. She is also a talented book reviewer for the stellar UK website: CrimeFictionLover.com.       A few months ago she asked me the question: Where Read more

  • An Interview with: Trace Conger

    An Interview with: Trace Conger

    A mighty fine writer After finishing Trace Conger’s third book I knew it was time to talk to him about characters and the writing process. I first wrote about him in September 2015 when he released The Shadow Broker and he’s been extremely busy since then. Conger generously found time to answer questions. Tell us about Finn Read more

  • John Hart: Redemption Road

    John Hart: Redemption Road

    Subversive Killer Tortured minds Detective Elizabeth Black joined the police department 13-years after Officer Adrian Wall saved her from a suicide attempt. She has always been drawn to him, even after his release from prison for murdering his lover. She rescues a teenager from two men who have the girl wired to a mattress in a basement. Her screams Read more

  • Steve Hamilton: The Second Life of Nick Mason

    Steve Hamilton: The Second Life of Nick Mason

      “This isn’t freedom. This is mobility. Don’t get those two things confused.”     Nick Mason is under contract. No signature appears on any document. Only his word to a crime lord who arranged his freedom a few years into his 20-year sentence. He is moved into a luxury condo where, food, drink, clothing and a Read more

  • David Joy: Where All Light Tends to Go

      Backwoods Noir   Jacob McNeely lives a life of self-imposed constraint. He feels cast in a poisoned drama of parental tragedy. His father Charlie runs an meth ring and has the local police on his payroll. His mother is a meth addict.   Jacob believes the script of his life is written and there Read more