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  • Paul Heatley: Bloodline

    Paul Heatley: Bloodline

    He’s AWOL from a black-ops unit and moves often to leave no trace. It’s when his brother Anthony’s pregnant wife is murdered, that Tom Rollins comes home. The once fuck-up Anthony had gone undercover for the FBI and infiltrated a neo Nazi group. He was outed, leading to his wife’s death, and his own brutal…

  • Author: Steven Max Russo: The Dead Don’t Sleep

    Author: Steven Max Russo: The Dead Don’t Sleep

    Vendetta – Revenge Frank Thompson is an old warrior, long removed from the jungles and strife of Vietnam. For some warriors though, things are not forgotten. Like the time Thompson killed a black-ops soldier during Operation Phoenix. Spotted by one of the dead soldiers friends at a trap range, while visiting family in New Jersey,…