Tag: Cartel

  • James L’Etoile: Dead Drop

    James L’Etoile: Dead Drop

    Available July 19 – Pre-order Here Maricopa County Detective Nathan Parker is a good cop, but he’s put his life on hold over the death of his partner. He’s left behind relationships, and his work has suffered – he can’t let go. Working on the border means coyotes and illegals are crossing the border regularly. Read more

  • Author Henry Roi: With Her Fists

    Author Henry Roi: With Her Fists

    Prison is what you make it Clarice Ares, has recently retired as a two-time, Bantamweight Champion boxer. She and her husband Ace run a combined car shop and tattoo parlour. Custom Ace and Tattoology are considered first class operations. A cartel mule’s vehicle has electrical problems. The nearest shop for a quick repair is Custom Read more

  • Melissa Scrivner Love: Lola

    Melissa Scrivner Love: Lola

    Gal next door   Lola is one capable woman. Smart enough, that everyone believes her boyfriend Garcia heads the Crenshaw Six. She has the ruthless intelligence to lead from behind. The Six are a small gang who’ve carved out a niche in their South Central LA neighbourhood. They come up against forces darker than themselves when events Read more

  • The Power of the Dog: Don Winslow

      Drug-trafficking & cartels: A resurgence Narcos on Netflix and the movie Sicario are two recently released projects Both brought me to finally read The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow. The book presents us with a labyrinthine world of corruption, greed and murder. DEA agent Art Keller is determined to bring Don Pedro Aviles, Read more