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  • Victoria Weisfeld: Architect of Courage

    Victoria Weisfeld: Architect of Courage

    Available June 4th – Preorder Here “He wasn’t on easy terms with betrayal – not enough practice. Nor was he clever with lies and excuses.” Archer Landis – successful architect, married man. Slipping away from an industry dinner he finds Julia, the woman he’s in love with, murdered in her apartment. He’s devasted but does Read more

  • James Grady: This Train

    James Grady: This Train

    C.C.C.C.: Confirm Contain Control Contingencies. The four Cs of foresee. Nora, Constance and her dog Mugzy, the messenger bag man, and a Marine with his wife and two children, were the first to arrive in the Premium seating area for Amtrak #779 – the Empire Builder from Seattle to Chicago. Others arrived, a racist banker Read more

  • Paul Heatley: Bloodline

    Paul Heatley: Bloodline

    He’s AWOL from a black-ops unit and moves often to leave no trace. It’s when his brother Anthony’s pregnant wife is murdered, that Tom Rollins comes home. The once fuck-up Anthony had gone undercover for the FBI and infiltrated a neo Nazi group. He was outed, leading to his wife’s death, and his own brutal Read more

  • David Albertyn: Undercard

    David Albertyn: Undercard

    Win at all costs! Finally got around to reading this explosive book by David Albertyn, and I can say, Undercard is the book for you. Tyron Shaw has just been released from the Marines. An effective soldier based overseas, he’s seen his share of terror and blood. Arriving home he finds his friend, Quinn the Read more

  • Denise Mina: Conviction

    Denise Mina: Conviction

    Available June 18th Long a favourite author of mine, Denise Mina has a new stand-alone that is intense, quirky and strangely rewarding. Anna McDonald ran years ago to save her life. She is a cold case, listed as missing, presumed dead. The day her husband announces he is off with her best friend, is the Read more

  • Niklas Natt Och Dag: The Wolf and the Watchman

    Niklas Natt Och Dag: The Wolf and the Watchman

    The muck and foulness of Stockholm in 1793 is well described in this debut by Niklas Natt Och Dag and you’ll cringe all along the way. A body found in a Stockholm river has the watchman Mickel Cardell reeling in shock. The victim has been horrifyingly sundered – with no arms, legs, eyes, or tongue. Read more

  • Un-Su Kim: The Plotters

    Un-Su Kim: The Plotters

    Shadow men, real world Reseng was found in a trash can. Rescued by Old Racoon, he was raised among assassins and trained to become a hit man in The Library of Dogs. With close connections to governments and corporations, Old Racoon parcels out the assignments as he receives them. These days, it seems he’s out Read more

  • John McMahon: The Good Detective

    John McMahon: The Good Detective

    Stunned by grief, blunted by alcohol Detective PT Marsh is creating a history of bad decisions. A favour for a woman he barely knows has him investigating a man he thinks he killed. Of course his fingerprints are all over a crime scene. But this, and the murder of a teenage boy may have connections. Read more

  • Ausma Zehanat Khan: The Unquiet Dead

    Ausma Zehanat Khan: The Unquiet Dead

    What kind this justice? Christopher Drayton has fallen to his death from the Scarborough Bluffs. Inspector Esa Khattak and his hand- picked Sargent Rachel Getty are asked to quietly investigate. Puzzling, as the team remit for Khattak and Getty is minority sensitive cases. So begins an amazing book by Ausma Zehanat Khan. It will take Read more

  • Crime Fiction – Steampunk

    Genre Bending Genre Blending   Private Investigators are not limited to the Crime Fiction genre. They can appear in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Steampunk to name a few. Today I’m posting Part one of a series showing you a few books I really liked that have P.I.’s as the protagonist. I hope you find something Read more

  • Andrew Case: The Big Fear

    Andrew Case: The Big Fear

    Opposing forces April 1st Release   in his latest book, The Big Fear, Andrew Case brings us into the world of New York’s Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption (DIMAC) and it’s new head, Leonard Mitchell. The opening chapter of his book brings us aboard a strangely silent cargo ship where things go wrong for Detective Ralph Mulino. An Read more