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  • A Dark and Broken Heart: R.J. Ellroy

    A Dark and Broken Heart: R.J. Ellroy

    The other day found me rereading A Dark and Broken Heart (2012). That’s actually surprising as I have little time for such indulgence. This overview is from Ellroy’s website: It should have all been so easy for Vincent Madigan. Take four hundred grand from the thieves who stole it in the first place and who Read more

  • Sam Wiebe: Hell and Gone

    Sam Wiebe: Hell and Gone

    PI Dave Wakeland is minding his own business when chaos breaks outside his office window. Masked, gun wielding raiders are coming out of a building across the street. It’s a heist of some type and they don’t hesitate to shoot the pedestrians on the sidewalk as they move to their van. Wakeland takes the fire Read more

  • James L’Etoile: Black Label

    James L’Etoile: Black Label

    Jilly Cooper wakes up, naked in bed with a brutal migraine. She’s in a condo that she’s never seen before and has no idea where she is. Nearby is an empty tequila bottle and a framed photo of her and her boss at Dynalife Pharmaceutical, CEO Jonathan Mattson. She’s only ever had a professional relationship Read more

  • Robin Yocum: The Sacrifice of Lester Yates

    Robin Yocum: The Sacrifice of Lester Yates

    Hutch Van Buren is the Attorney General of Ohio and bored beyond belief. Always someone who roots for the underdog and a talented, driven prosecutor, he longs for more of… something. ‘Something’ walks into his office one day without an appointment. Black binders carried by prison guard Reno Moretti. Lester Yates, the Egypt Valley Strangler Read more

  • Will Staples: Animals

    Will Staples: Animals

    This is the world of endangered animal poaching. It’s a terrible world, and haunting. And in this world insurance investigatior Randall Knight and Kruger National Park ranger Cobus Venter converge. Venter turns vigillante after two Kruger rangers are killed. Knight is on the verge of discovering a virus that could turn into a deadly pandemic. Read more

  • John Galligan: Bad Axe County

    John Galligan: Bad Axe County

    Heidi Kick was made interim Sherrif in rural Bad Axe County, Wisconsin. It doen’t go down well with some of the citizens, including the Senior Deputy who thought the position would automatically be his to inherit. Battling targetted snide comments and attempts to set her up, Kick soldiers through. An ice and snow blizzard is Read more

  • David Shawn Klein: The Money

    David Shawn Klein: The Money

    Never do business in the men’s room Brooklyn is where Harry Krakow plies his trade in the legal system. A lawyer for the hapless caught up in a system they have little understanding of. Anatoly Zhukov approaches Krakow in the men’s room saying he’s not the Zhukov the District Attorney is looking for, he’s a Read more

  • Halley Sutton: The Lady Upstairs

    Halley Sutton: The Lady Upstairs

    Blackmail, Corruption – All in a Day’s Work Jo, Lou and Jackal all work for the Lady Upstairs. Lou is the only one who has direct contact with Lady. She delivers the targets, and they get to work. The targets: wealthy men who are somehow on Lady’s radar. Generally, cheating, corrupt, thieving, assholes. Jackal didn’t Read more

  • Jason Beech: American Spartan +Interview +Bonus Book-1 Review

    Jason Beech: American Spartan +Interview +Bonus Book-1 Review

    SOFTLY, SOFTLY Ricky Nardilo is a cop in the small town where he grew up. His position there is tenuous – he doesn’t know who on the police force he can trust. Everyone in town is owned by Vale. Vale who haunts his life and watches his every step. It wasn’t a great town when Read more

  • Andrew James Greig: Whirligig

    Andrew James Greig: Whirligig

    Each measured drop…provides fresh impetus to bone gears transmitting rotary movement via the main pulley, meshing with each interconnected neighbour in an intricate ballet of bone wheels, cogs and spindles, held in place within a skeleton case of polished branches and carved twigs. With exacting precision a killer with a meticulous hand is at work Read more

  • William Boyle: City of Margins

    William Boyle: City of Margins

    It’s South Brooklyn in the 90s and you are about to take a tour of the souls in the City of Margins. Included are two widows, a disgraced cop, a hopeful screenwriter, a college dropout, and a high school girl dreaming of escape. All of them, one way or another, revolve around corruption, suicide, loansharking Read more

  • Author Henry Roi: With Her Fists

    Author Henry Roi: With Her Fists

    Prison is what you make it Clarice Ares, has recently retired as a two-time, Bantamweight Champion boxer. She and her husband Ace run a combined car shop and tattoo parlour. Custom Ace and Tattoology are considered first class operations. A cartel mule’s vehicle has electrical problems. The nearest shop for a quick repair is Custom Read more

  • Yigal Zur: Death in Shangri-La

    Yigal Zur: Death in Shangri-La

    Dotan Naor has known Willy Mizrachi for many years. A ruthless Israeli arms dealer Mizrachi is a dangerous man. But his son Itiel is missing in the Himalayas and he needs Naor’s help. Naor, formerly an Israeli operative, is now a private investigator. With a bet that involves a bottle of fine spirits he agrees Read more

  • Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    London, England Post WWII It’s almost dawn on Christmas day when Newman’s phone rings. A City Councilor is sending his driver to bring the Private Investigator Newman to the scene of an incident. The body of Raymond Jarrett is found outside a church. Jarrett is a pimp for young men to discerning clients. And oh Read more

  • Gale Massey: The Girl From Blind River

    Gale Massey: The Girl From Blind River

    Bottom of the Deck If you are Jamie Elders, you are living in a dingy trailer under the thumb of your criminal uncle. Your teenage brother has problems with anger management, and your mother is an ex-con just released from prison. Jamie is 19 and knows life is better – somewhere. Meantime, she’s pretending to Read more