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  • A.J. Devlin: Rolling Thunder

    A.J. Devlin: Rolling Thunder

    The Split-Lip Sallies are roller derby queens. But their coach Lawrence is missing and Stormy Daze (AKA Stephanie Danielson) hires Jed Ounstead to find him. To do so he enters into a world of fetish clubs, dachshund racing, and blackmail. There will be violence. At the Emerald Shillelagh, Ounstead’s cousin Declan pours a great Guinness Read more

  • Kelley Armstrong: City of the Lost

    Kelley Armstrong: City of the Lost

    Yukon Safe   A place only rumored about. A place of safety for the good and the bad. A place called Rockton. Casey Duncan is a homicide detective with an act of murder in her past. Now the mobster family of her victim is on her trail. To add to that, her best friend Diana Read more

  • Reed Farrell Coleman: Where it Hurts

    Reed Farrell Coleman: Where it Hurts

       Sleep walker   If he had his druthers, retired cop Gus Murphy would not be a courtesy van driver for a cheap hotel, he wouldn’t be divorced, and his son wouldn’t be dead. But life is a shell game and one’s own way is not always on the table. Murphy’s life is a list Read more

  • Michael J. Clark: Clean Sweep

    Michael J. Clark: Clean Sweep

    Escape A prostitute with a ledger she shouldn’t have. The man who wants it back, and the hunters he sets against her. One man, Pastor Tommy Bosco, who can help her disappear. Considering that one of the hitmen is his father and the woman was once responsible for putting him in prison, Bosco wonders if Read more

  • C.J. TUDOR: The Chalk Man

    C.J. TUDOR: The Chalk Man

    Chalk Figures Stalking horse   Five young friends discover the dismembered body of a girl in 1986. The path to her remains, was drawn by someone using the chalk figures code which the friends devised to communicate with each other. Eddie Adams stayed in Anderbury, while some of his friends moved on. He lives alone Read more

  • Ron Corbett: Ragged Lake

    Ron Corbett: Ragged Lake

    Confluence   Like a fire gone to ground, Ragged Lake is slow and steady. For those who like their crime fiction dark, it’s well worth the immersion. Atmospheric, strained and striking, descriptions of the area bring you deep into Northern Divide country. Frank Yakabuski is the detective on the case of a family found murdered Read more

  • Duane Swierczynski: Revolver

    Duane Swierczynski: Revolver

    Family heritage Family lies   It’s a cop family of three generations. The murder of officer Stan Walczak, along with his partner in 1965, has ramifications felt 50-years later. In 1995, Walczak’s son Jim begins investigating the man he believes is responsible for the double shooting. The ex-con is adamant he was not involved. There Read more

  • Barbara Nickless: Blood on the Tracks

    Barbara Nickless: Blood on the Tracks

    Broken Souls Little Comfort Special Agent Sydney Rose Parnell has done her time in Iraq. Her role, pick up the pieces of dead soldiers for Mortuary Affairs. The aftermath of the combat carnage and the loss of the man she loved has damaged her soul. Clyde, the K9 who served on active duty, is also Read more

  • What’s it all about?

    What’s it all about?

      Recently, I was asked by thriller writer Madeleine Callway to talk about Murder in Common on her Canadian Noir blog.  It was fun to think back to when all the madness started and share why I find it rewarding.     Windigo Fire   Just so you know, Madeleine’s debut novel Windigo Fire was Read more

  • Robert Masello: The Jekyll Revelation

    Robert Masello: The Jekyll Revelation

    Jack the Ripper Jekyll and Hyde   Time for confession, The Jekyll Revelation is outside the usual genre posted on Murder in Common. It’s not crime fiction, but as I enjoyed it so much, I decided to tell you about it anyway.   Based on a story about Robert Louis Stephenson and his book The Strange Read more