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  • Dietrich Kalteis: Nobody From Somewhere

    Dietrich Kalteis: Nobody From Somewhere

    Available June 7, 2022 – Preorder Here Wren Jones is a 15 year old runaway from the foster care system. She picked the wrong car to use the back seat to sleep in. Fitch Henry Haut is a retired detective, widowed, and dying from cancer. While waiting for the meatloaf special in a Vancouver diner, Read more

  • David Hewson: Shooter in the Dark

    David Hewson: Shooter in the Dark

    Available July 18th Tom Honeyman isn’t having much luck with writing since his double murder, true crime bestseller came out in 2008. Retreating to his unpopulated island to write something, anything, Honeyman finds himself with company. A man is holding his daughter hostage on the island. He wants Honeyman to write the truth about what Read more

  • Author Tim Garvin: A Dredging in Swann

    There’s a first time for everything. Today, I’m posting the Publishers Weekly review of this book. It’s as excellent as the review notes, and you should give this debut book by Tim Garvin a go. Please click here: A Dredging in Swann ~ June Lorraine MurderInCommon.com is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

  • Yigal Zur: Death in Shangri-La

    Yigal Zur: Death in Shangri-La

    Dotan Naor has known Willy Mizrachi for many years. A ruthless Israeli arms dealer Mizrachi is a dangerous man. But his son Itiel is missing in the Himalayas and he needs Naor’s help. Naor, formerly an Israeli operative, is now a private investigator. With a bet that involves a bottle of fine spirits he agrees Read more

  • Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    London, England Post WWII It’s almost dawn on Christmas day when Newman’s phone rings. A City Councilor is sending his driver to bring the Private Investigator Newman to the scene of an incident. The body of Raymond Jarrett is found outside a church. Jarrett is a pimp for young men to discerning clients. And oh Read more

  • On the road: Nova Scotia

    On the road: Nova Scotia

    Greetings from the Maritime province of Nova Scotia. I’m here visiting with friends and family. As I’ve been a bit busy, I decided to do something a little different. Last week I posted a review of the book Conviction by Denise Mina. A note from my blogging friend Victoria Weisfeld, let me know she was Read more

  • Gale Massey: The Girl From Blind River

    Gale Massey: The Girl From Blind River

    Bottom of the Deck If you are Jamie Elders, you are living in a dingy trailer under the thumb of your criminal uncle. Your teenage brother has problems with anger management, and your mother is an ex-con just released from prison. Jamie is 19 and knows life is better – somewhere. Meantime, she’s pretending to Read more

  • Masako Togawa: The Lady Killer

    Masako Togawa: The Lady Killer

        Philanderer, killer   The Lady Killer is a publication from 1963 translated from Japanese, it’s a little bit pulp and a little bit clever in its rendering of the tale. Ichiro Honda is a smooth operator who targets women to fulfill his  sexual needs. He chooses the lonely and the uncertain. By his Read more

  • Matt Goldman: Gone to Dust

    Matt Goldman: Gone to Dust

    Bitter remains   Nils Shapiro, a Minnesota police officer laid-off from the job becomes a Private Investigator. The town of Edina asks Shap to help with an unusual homicide. The victim, was found on her bed covered with debris from vacuum cleaner bags, many bags. Working with a former colleague the investigation points toward a Read more

  • Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Small town terror   It’s 1964 and Center Springs Texas has a problem. It starts with the discovery of a dog tortured and killed. As Constable Ned Parker surveys the scene he recognizes this is just a beginning. As the animal killings escalate over the weeks and months, the clues left behind show that the Read more

  • Michael J. Clark: Clean Sweep

    Michael J. Clark: Clean Sweep

    Escape A prostitute with a ledger she shouldn’t have. The man who wants it back, and the hunters he sets against her. One man, Pastor Tommy Bosco, who can help her disappear. Considering that one of the hitmen is his father and the woman was once responsible for putting him in prison, Bosco wonders if Read more

  • Lev D Lewis: Jellyfish

    Lev D Lewis: Jellyfish

    Disgraced lawyer PI extraordinaire*   Frank Bale is the private investigator of his dreams. *Dream being the operative. The world sees one version,  beaten and broke. He sees a South London Marlowe and Chandler. He’s mouthy and can’t keep his dick in his pants. We start with a woman whose husband wants a divorce and Read more

  • Duane Swierczynski: Revolver

    Duane Swierczynski: Revolver

    Family heritage Family lies   It’s a cop family of three generations. The murder of officer Stan Walczak, along with his partner in 1965, has ramifications felt 50-years later. In 1995, Walczak’s son Jim begins investigating the man he believes is responsible for the double shooting. The ex-con is adamant he was not involved. There Read more

  • Avery Duff: Beach Lawyer

    Avery Duff: Beach Lawyer

    Legal Revenge Robert Worth is athletic, handsome, intelligent and hardworking. Five years into his prevailing plan he’s about to make law partner at a prestigious Santa Monica legal firm. He discovers how cold and corrupt the world can be. His mistake, going against senior partner Jack Pierce who fires him. Blackballed and struggling, Worth takes Read more

  • Todd Robinson: The Hard Bounce & Rough Trade

    Todd Robinson: The Hard Bounce & Rough Trade

    Carefully Simplistic Achingly Adroit   St. Gabriel’s Home for Boys is where the children of addicts, cons and abusers land. It’s not a refuge. If their lives were difficult before they arrived, they are appalling by the time they leave. At St Gabe’s boys are terrorized, brutalized, and left disaffected. Within this abortive melange, four Read more