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  • LaVonne Griffin-Valade: Dead Point

    LaVonne Griffin-Valade: Dead Point

    Maggie Blackthorne is a Sergeant in the Oregon State Police. She’s back in her home town in the eastern Oregon high desert after 20-years. The same faces, and the drunks and pushers, poverty and feuds are all in place. Finding the twin Nodine brothers shot dead along with their dog is a shocking site. Blackthorne Read more

  • Johnny Shaw: The Southland

    Johnny Shaw: The Southland

    Available August 7th, 2020 Three women: Nadia, Luz and Ostelinda. All illegal in the US. Each of them with a difficult past. Each want a better life. Ostelinda trafficked, Luz working three jobs, Nadia fleeing Mexico for her life. When Luz’s son goes missing, these three women connect, along with Gilles, the white alcoholic, who Read more

  • The Whisper Man: Alex North

    The Whisper Man: Alex North

    If you’re lonely, sad, and blue, the Whisper Man will come for you Tom and his son Jake have moved to a new house in a new town after the unexpected death of Tom’s wife. It is there that he learns about The Whisper Man, Frank Carter, a murderer of children who has been in Read more

  • Todd Robinson: The Hard Bounce & Rough Trade

    Todd Robinson: The Hard Bounce & Rough Trade

    Carefully Simplistic Achingly Adroit   St. Gabriel’s Home for Boys is where the children of addicts, cons and abusers land. It’s not a refuge. If their lives were difficult before they arrived, they are appalling by the time they leave. At St Gabe’s boys are terrorized, brutalized, and left disaffected. Within this abortive melange, four Read more

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

    Two killers, a forest fire and electrical storm, it’s enough to keep you busy   They have pale blue eyes and pale blonde hair, one shoulder length, one military cut. They are the Blackwell brothers and they are as cold as they look.   They want 14-year old Jace Wilson dead because he witnessed them Read more

  • The Dead Room: Dead On!

    A multi-layered plot full of unfolding revelations You know those thrillers that speed you along with incomplete characters like cotton candy, sweet but kind of empty? This isn’t one of those. It’s a thriller with characters of depth and a book that keeps you turning pages damn quickly. Teddy Mack has no interest in the practice Read more

  • So Jo

    Jo Nesbo has put out his 10th book – Police – and I have yet to make much of a dent into the great Harry Hole series. So many books, so little time,  so few dollars.   Order The Harry Hole Series by Jo Nesbo