Tag: #crimefiction

  • Johnny Shaw: The Southland

    Johnny Shaw: The Southland

    Available August 7th, 2020 Three women: Nadia, Luz and Ostelinda. All illegal in the US. Each of them with a difficult past. Each want a better life. Ostelinda trafficked, Luz working three jobs, Nadia fleeing Mexico for her life. When Luz’s son goes missing, these three women connect, along with Gilles, the white alcoholic, who Read more

  • Russ Thomas: Firewatching

    Russ Thomas: Firewatching

    Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler, talented, taciturn, reclusive, gay. He ignores the jibes from his colleagues – mostly. The body of missing financier Gerald Cartwright is found in the walls of his home when his son starts a renovation. The son Oscar, is the man Tyler had a one night stand with the night before. By Read more