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  • Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    London, England Post WWII It’s almost dawn on Christmas day when Newman’s phone rings. A City Councilor is sending his driver to bring the Private Investigator Newman to the scene of an incident. The body of Raymond Jarrett is found outside a church. Jarrett is a pimp for young men to discerning clients. And oh…

  • William Lashner: A Filthy Business

    William Lashner: A Filthy Business

    A writer & a psychopath Walk into a bar   A man who searches may find himself, but won’t necessarily like the result. Phil Kubiak is a fixer on the wrong side of the law. He does what he’s told as much as he can. Always the outlier, Kubiak can’t help deviating from instructions.¬†On the…