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  • Mary Keliikoa: Hidden Pieces

    Mary Keliikoa: Hidden Pieces

    Misty Pines Mystery Series Sheriff Jax Turner is a heartbroken man. Having lost his daughter to cancer, and his wife to the inevitable fall-out of his consuming grief, he’s ready to exit the world. A radio call about Allison, who’s been missing for hours, forces him to a noxious reality. Brought back from the brink of Read more

  • John McMahon: The Good Detective

    John McMahon: The Good Detective

    Stunned by grief, blunted by alcohol Detective PT Marsh is creating a history of bad decisions. A favour for a woman he barely knows has him investigating a man he thinks he killed. Of course his fingerprints are all over a crime scene. But this, and the murder of a teenage boy may have connections. Read more

  • A new reality

    A new reality

    Adapting   A few days ago was my brother’s funeral He was handsome, funny and profane It’s been difficult to focus on books, so kindly bear with me I’ll be back in 2018 to spend time with you…     You showed me a lot of things, I learned a lot I didn’t know But Read more