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  • S.A. Cosby: Blacktop Wasteland

    S.A. Cosby: Blacktop Wasteland

    Beauregard Montage is in danger of losing his garage. Well, much more than that really as “Bug” can lose everything close to his heart if he takes part in a diamond heist. Bug is known over several states as the best wheel-man around. He’s been straight for a few years, but circumstances have him in…

  • Matt Phillips – Countdown Q&A

    Matt Phillips – Countdown Q&A

    San Diego > Toronto Communiqué A large part of my interest in noir crime fiction is the background story. Why these characters, why this place. So Matt and I did a little Q&A for you regarding Countdown. Here’s what went on in his head for this book. And can you equate that smile in his…