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  • Deryn Collier: A Real Somebody

    Deryn Collier: A Real Somebody

    I’ll be going on summer hiatus but had to squeeze in this delightful mystery story by Deryn Collier, based on the true story of her aunt, June Grant. Grant is the breadwinner of her family in Montreal, as having fallen on hard times, the once wealthy family relies on her small salary to keep them…

  • Jason Beech: Breaking Point

    Jason Beech: Breaking Point

    “My momma always said when poverty worms through your door, love jumps out the window.” From the first get go, Jason Beech gets our attention in this book of Crime Stories. Starting with Marley Anderson in Breaking Point, a man hiding in a cabin in the deep woods. Marley did some killing and it’s now…

  • Rhett C. Bruno: The Roach

    Rhett C. Bruno: The Roach

    A Dark Vigilante Thriller Let’s make that former vigilante, as Reese Roberts has been in a wheelchair for 5-years. His life and spirit are on a downward drop. For years he was know as The Roach, a bane to the criminal underworld and significant or petty criminals at large in Iron City. A bullet from…