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  • William L. Myers, Jr.: Remi Bone

    William L. Myers, Jr.: Remi Bone

    Tick tock says the clock… His last name is Bohne. Everyone thinks the ‘h’ is silent, so Bone it became. And Remi, well his father named him after a Remington shotgun, so there’s that too. Remi Bone has been living the straight life for years, working on high end vehicles at Deke’s garage. He mission…

  • Un-Su Kim: The Plotters

    Un-Su Kim: The Plotters

    Shadow men, real world Reseng was found in a trash can. Rescued by Old Racoon, he was raised among assassins and trained to become a hit man in The Library of Dogs. With close connections to governments and corporations, Old Racoon parcels out the assignments as he receives them. These days, it seems he’s out…

  • Laird Barron: Blood Standard

    Laird Barron: Blood Standard

    Ready, set, go! One thing very important to know about Isaiah Coleridge, you never hurt the innocent. Children, elderly, mentally challenged, animals. Don’t ever kick a dog around him. As a contract killer and enforcer for the mafia, that’s valuable information. Forced to relocate after a situation gone bad in Alaska, he’s now in upstate…