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  • On the road: Nova Scotia

    On the road: Nova Scotia

    Greetings from the Maritime province of Nova Scotia. I’m here visiting with friends and family. As I’ve been a bit busy, I decided to do something a little different. Last week I posted a review of the book Conviction by Denise Mina. A note from my blogging friend Victoria Weisfeld, let me know she was Read more

  • Denise Mina: Conviction

    Denise Mina: Conviction

    Available June 18th Long a favourite author of mine, Denise Mina has a new stand-alone that is intense, quirky and strangely rewarding. Anna McDonald ran years ago to save her life. She is a cold case, listed as missing, presumed dead. The day her husband announces he is off with her best friend, is the Read more

  • S.W. Lauden: Bad Citizen Corporation

    S.W. Lauden: Bad Citizen Corporation

    Greg Salem is on the job when a bullet ending the life of a man has him suspended from the Virgil Heights PD. The sober, former punk-rock star Salem, is at a reunion gig that night with his band-mates when a fight breaks out. Three organized, masked gunmen invade Eddie’s Bar during the brawl. Salem’s Read more

  • Emma Viskic: Resurrection Bay

    Emma Viskic: Resurrection Bay

    Caleb Zelig and Frankie Reynolds are partners in the security investigation firm Trust Works. Zelig has dogged work and determination to his benefit. Almost completely deaf since childhood, he works hard to manage lip reading and his hearing aids. Reynolds an ex-cop, has been dry for 6-years. She maintains day to day, the best she Read more

  • Bill Prentice: Why Was Rachel Murdered?

    Bill Prentice: Why Was Rachel Murdered?

    Brilliant mathematician, social activist, corporate gun. Rachel was all this and more until her lifeless body was discovered at home, her neck snapped. Toronto police believe she was a witness to the murder of a war criminal but one man isn’t convinced. Neil Walker, former RCMP financial crimes analyst, now PI, is hired to dig Read more

  • Garry Disher: Under the Cold Bright Lights

    Garry Disher: Under the Cold Bright Lights

    Everything old is new again Available July 2nd, 2019 Detective Alan Auhl has a house full of people. His daughter, people seeking shelter, some just renting a room, and his estranged wife who drops in overnight during her demanding her travel schedule. Since his return to the department, he’s on cold cases and subject to Read more

  • Tom Pitts: 101

    Tom Pitts: 101

    Grit in the teeth – Hair up the ass Jerry is a guy going nowhere, but he’s fast heading up the 101 from San Fransisco to Humboldt County, the pot growing mecca of California. He has to hide out with Vic, a friend of his mothers. There is a little matter of stolen money, and Read more

  • Gale Massey: The Girl From Blind River

    Gale Massey: The Girl From Blind River

    Bottom of the Deck If you are Jamie Elders, you are living in a dingy trailer under the thumb of your criminal uncle. Your teenage brother has problems with anger management, and your mother is an ex-con just released from prison. Jamie is 19 and knows life is better – somewhere. Meantime, she’s pretending to Read more

  • Nathan Ripley: Find You in the Dark

    Nathan Ripley: Find You in the Dark

    Martin Reese, loving family man, obsessive stalker. But he has that stalking thing under control, in a way that’s quite unusual. Reese researches and locates the buried bodies of a serial killer. He leaves just enough of the victim exposed so that, when he calls police to tell them he’s done their work for them Read more

  • Hildur Sif Thorarensen: His Sweet

    Hildur Sif Thorarensen: His Sweet

    Feel the race against time Where the girl is held is a mystery. There a few clues and the time line to find her is harrowing – her abductor may be dead. This doesn’t stop the small town sheriff, her determined crew, and the FBI in running down any and all leads. Notebooks found in Read more