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  • From the Archives – Michael J. Clark: Clean Sweep

    From the Archives – Michael J. Clark: Clean Sweep

    Escape A prostitute with a ledger she shouldn’t have. The man who wants it back, and the hunters he sets against her. One man, Pastor Tommy Bosco, who can help her disappear. Considering that one of the hitmen is his father and the woman was once responsible for putting him in prison, Bosco wonders if…

  • Becky Masterman: Rage Against the Dying

    Becky Masterman: Rage Against the Dying

    One step in One step out   Brigid Quinn retired from the FBI after many years in the field. She never caught the Route 66 killer, and worse than that, she lost an agent to him. With a new husband she adores she lives behind a mask, hiding her fear and regret. The job had…

  • The Crime Writer: Gregg Hurwitz

    The Crime Writer: Gregg Hurwitz

    Conscious selection Unconscious crime   Crime fiction writer Drew Danner, awakes in the hospital. The police found him over the body of his former fiancée, covered in blood and having seizures. A trial sets him free and the real story begins. Danner had a brain tumour at the time of the murder, and doesn’t know…

  • Karen Ellis: A Map of the Dark

    Karen Ellis: A Map of the Dark

    Wounded Damaged   As a child, FBI agent Elsa Myers was abused by her mother. To deal with this she became a cutter, her skin a map work of her pain. Now years later her father is dying, and she is confused and conflicted. Why did he not save her from her mother? No surprise…

  • Lou Berney: The Long and Faraway Gone

    Lou Berney: The Long and Faraway Gone

    Rock & Roll Lullaby   1986: Two events in Oklahoma City. A young girl’s teenage sister goes missing, and a massacre at small cinema, leaves only one employee alive. Fast forward twenty-six years. The lone survivor, now legally known as Wyatt Rivers, is a PI living in Las Vegas. A favour for a colleague has…

  • William Lashner: A Filthy Business

    William Lashner: A Filthy Business

    A writer & a psychopath Walk into a bar   A man who searches may find himself, but won’t necessarily like the result. Phil Kubiak is a fixer on the wrong side of the law. He does what he’s told as much as he can. Always the outlier, Kubiak can’t help deviating from instructions. On the…

  • Review of 2017: June Lorraine Roberts

    Review of 2017: June Lorraine Roberts

    The ‘Amazing Brit” Vic Watson has kindly allowed me the last word prior to her 2017 Annual Review

  • Peace


      Whatever you believe   May this holiday season bring you joy, prosperity and the love of friends and family. ~ June Lorraine

  • Melissa Scrivner Love: Lola

    Melissa Scrivner Love: Lola

    Gal next door   Lola is one capable woman. Smart enough, that everyone believes her boyfriend Garcia heads the Crenshaw Six. She has the ruthless intelligence to lead from behind. The Six are a small gang who’ve carved out a niche in their South Central LA neighbourhood. They come up against forces darker than themselves when events…

  • Curtis Bausse: Perfume Island

    Curtis Bausse: Perfume Island

    Paradise Interrupted   Mayotte is where Magali and Charlotte have settled in a flat on loan from a friend. They are companions and lovers since Magali solved the murder of Charlotte’s son. One evening, driving home in the dark, Charlotte hits a woman who dashed onto the road. The Gendarmerie Nationale pronounce her dead. But…

  • Ron Corbett: Ragged Lake

    Ron Corbett: Ragged Lake

    Confluence   Like a fire gone to ground, Ragged Lake is slow and steady. For those who like their crime fiction dark, it’s well worth the immersion. Atmospheric, strained and striking, descriptions of the area bring you deep into Northern Divide country. Frank Yakabuski is the detective on the case of a family found murdered…

  • J.D. Trafford: Little Boy Lost

    J.D. Trafford: Little Boy Lost

      One becomes many   St Louis, Missouri is the city, Glass is the family. Politically astute, wealthy and powerful. But not every family member is on the same train. Justin Glass runs a one-man law office to help the poor. After the death of his wife he barely manages his day to day clients.…

  • Todd Merer: The Extraditionist

    Todd Merer: The Extraditionist

    Convolution   Crime lords, thugs and assorted villains are money in the bank for Benn Bluestone. He moves in a world of drugs, cash and most importantly leverage. He’s sharp, cagey, and a practiced libertine. Sombra: part legend, identity unknown. Members of other syndicates are pieces on a chess board. Plotting moves for and against…

  • Winner – Zero Avenue

      Finally! The winner of Zero Avenue by Dietrich Kalteis is: R. Gelpi – Maine, USA ECW Press is shipping a copy to the address provided Many thanks to those who followed Murder in Common I hope you all find new books to enjoy Interested? Check out the review of Zero Avenue ~ June Lorraine…

  • Jennifer Soosar: Parent Teacher Association

    Jennifer Soosar: Parent Teacher Association

    Strange assembly   A good book to mark the return of the school year, the debut novel Parent Teacher Association by Jennifer Soosar. Lizanne Demeter returns to the teaching world after some time in a mental institution. She is grateful for the chance at Splinter Wood Elementary. With new medication in her pocket and determined…