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  • Nick Kolakowski: Boise Longpig Hunting Club

    Nick Kolakowski: Boise Longpig Hunting Club

    In their sights   Jake Halligan is a bounty hunter in Idaho. Money can be tight, but he and his ex-wife are about to remarry, so things are looking up. It’s not the only anomaly in his life, his sister Frankie is a black-market arms dealer and one tough woman. Arriving home from visiting neighbours, Read more

  • Marshall Thornton: Night Drop

    Marshall Thornton: Night Drop

      Long Way Down   South-side LA citizens are rioting over the Rodney King verdict. Many businesses are shutting down including Pinx Video. The owner Noah Valentine decides closing is the safest option. He’s a lonely man, his former love Jeffers having died a few years ago. Now, he channels his energy into the video Read more

  • Laird Barron: Blood Standard

    Laird Barron: Blood Standard

    Ready, set, go! One thing very important to know about Isaiah Coleridge, you never hurt the innocent. Children, elderly, mentally challenged, animals. Don’t ever kick a dog around him. As a contract killer and enforcer for the mafia, that’s valuable information. Forced to relocate after a situation gone bad in Alaska, he’s now in upstate Read more

  • Gray Basnight: Flight of the Fox

    Gray Basnight: Flight of the Fox

      Fox in the garden Hummingbirds by the shed   Math professor Sam Teagarden is on the run. From whom exactly he’s not sure, but they framed him for murdering the boy next door. At the heart of this, encrypted material sent to him that contains information about a secret government op from the 30s. Read more

  • Julia Heaberlin: Paper Ghosts

    Julia Heaberlin: Paper Ghosts

    Texas Road Trip   Pack up the gear and hit the road. Your traveling companion, the serial killer Carl Louis Feldman. He’s the reason for the trip after all. Grace just has to pick him up at the halfway house for persons with dementia. The trip is well planned, each dot on the map represents Read more

  • Matt Goldman: Gone to Dust

    Matt Goldman: Gone to Dust

    Bitter remains   Nils Shapiro, a Minnesota police officer laid-off from the job becomes a Private Investigator. The town of Edina asks Shap to help with an unusual homicide. The victim, was found on her bed covered with debris from vacuum cleaner bags, many bags. Working with a former colleague the investigation points toward a Read more

  • Thomas Pluck: Bad Boy Boogie

    Thomas Pluck: Bad Boy Boogie

      Darkness aired   The town bully and budding psychopath was killed by 17-year old Jay Desmarteaux. Everyone knew he deserved it, but only one person went to prison for it. Twenty-five years later and out on early release, the town and its hierarchy don’t want Desmarteaux around. Not a surprise really, but why have Papa Read more

  • R.G. Belsky: Yesterday’s News

    R.G. Belsky: Yesterday’s News

    Today’s Story   As the news director for a New York TV station, Clare Carlson is years away from her role as a newspaper journalist. She misses it from time to time, the place where she won her Pulitzer Prize for the story of Lucy, missing at 11-years old. Fifteen years later there is a Read more

  • Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Small town terror   It’s 1964 and Center Springs Texas has a problem. It starts with the discovery of a dog tortured and killed. As Constable Ned Parker surveys the scene he recognizes this is just a beginning. As the animal killings escalate over the weeks and months, the clues left behind show that the Read more

  • Brian Klingborg: Kill Devil Falls

    Brian Klingborg: Kill Devil Falls

    Gold in the hills   U.S. Marshal Helen Morrissey is annoyed. She’s been assigned the mundane task of prisoner pick-up and transport. Worse, she has to drive to the town of Kill Devil Falls to get her. Virtually abandoned for years, the town has only a few people within its borders of contaminated water and sink holes. Read more