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  • The Last Witness: Denzil Meyrick

      Retribution comes home to roost   A villain thought dead for five years has returned to wreck vengeance and DCI Jim Daley is in stunned disbelief. Having attended the autopsy of James Machie, after he was assassinated in an assault on his prison bus, how can he possibly still be alive? At risk is Frank Read more

  • Lamentation: Joe Clifford

      Icy waters, deep trouble   There is a slow-water movement to Joe Clifford’s writing. A contemplative, friction that is hard to define but is there on every page. It ripples over rocks, runs between river banks and surges into whirlpools. If water has a soul Clifford has captured it.     Jay Porter lives a life of grim poverty Read more

  • The Professionals: Owen Laukkanen

      Job market sucks? Don’t try this.   Four young college graduates can’t find decent (translate: highly paid) jobs. Wait a minute, what about a kidnapping scheme to make money? It’s a simple process. Move from city to city, find and research a prospect, kidnap and collect a ransom of $60,000, release the victim unharmed, move Read more

  • Boo! It’s Halloween

    Ghosts, demons & obsession Delving into the “season” of Halloween has proved to be fun. I’ve remembered my mum, a dear friend and our midnight movies together, and assembled a survival kit in case of a zombie apocalypse.   We don’t get many children on October 31st. Seemingly our driveway is too long for them and Read more

  • Man Crates Asks: What’s in your survival crate?

    10 Things You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse In the spirit of Halloween I was approached earlier this month by Man Crates to find out what I would put in a survival crate referencing a horror movie. As a huge fan of The Walking Dead a zombie apocalypse is a favourite theme so it didn’t take me Read more

  • Judy Penz Sheluk: The Hanged Man’s Noose

      Canadian debut author   Judy Penz Sheluk has written extensively on her blog about her journey into the publishing world. It’s her way to help authors who like her, have to do much, if not all, themselves.     She disclosed her path with such honesty, angst and enthusiasm you couldn’t help but be right along-side her as she Read more

  • The Power of the Dog: Don Winslow

      Drug-trafficking & cartels: A resurgence Narcos on Netflix and the movie Sicario are two recently released projects Both brought me to finally read The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow. The book presents us with a labyrinthine world of corruption, greed and murder. DEA agent Art Keller is determined to bring Don Pedro Aviles, Read more

  • Killing Hope: Keith Houghton

      “I’ve been around the block enough times to recognize a turkey in a chicken coop when I see one.”   Yes, that’s the kind of prose that can grab me and like all writing it’s the honesty of delivery that counts. Gabe Quinn returns to the job after the death of his wife and tries Read more

  • Trace Conger: The Shadow Broker

    Caffeinated probing: Dark resolve   Finn Harding wonders when exactly he crossed the line. It’s as ambiguous to the reader as to him but it’s a line which he straddles and a line which he leaps-over as circumstances necessitate. This is in keeping with a PI who has lost his license but continues to accept Read more

  • Hello again!

      Pitter patter the rain falling down Little glamor sun coming round Take a walk when autumn comes to town ~ Van Morrison     As I unwind my brain from the summer pursuits of catching up with friends’ and family I am delighted that September is here. The Toronto weather has us back in Read more

  • On hiatus: Wishing you a wonderful summer

      See you in September…   Murder in Common is on hiatus until the Autumn. I’ll be  catching up on some reading and refreshing my brain by diving into other book genres. Thank you for all your support over the past several months. You make it all very rewarding.     Looking forward to hearing Read more

  • Winners! Benefit of the Doubt

     Neal Griffin brings a tale of redemption against malignant forces   Congratulations goes out to the following crime fiction readers: M. Vincent – Thirroul, NSW, Australia S. Cronin – Madrid, Spain There are winners outstanding and I continue attempts to validate their address for the publisher and to also post them here. Many thanks to all Read more

  • Obituaries: Mining the unexpected

    Obits are chock full of characters & storylines   Reading the obituaries in my daily newspaper is not a regular pastime. But as it happened one day, looking for information for personal reasons, I came across the obituary for a WWII soldier. Out curiosity and respect for his service I began to read the many interesting Read more

  • CWC 2015 Arthur Ellis Shortlist

    Best First Novel and Unhanged Arthur always peak my interest   While travelling the CWC (Crime Writers of Canada) released its shortlist for the 2015 Arthur Ellis Awards given for “excellence in Canadian crime writing.” We have to wait until May 28th to find out the winners so here is the list so you can cross-fingers Read more

  • Grant of Immunity: A debut legal thriller

       Some lives are a wheel of misfortune   There are many moving parts to this book. It reminds me of a Ferris wheel. With every revolution some new matter comes about and the wheel keeps moving with you as its willing passenger. It’s 1976 and 20 year old Snake and Daniel a 15 year old teenager Read more