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  • Late Summer Hiatus

    Late Summer Hiatus

    Time for my summer hiatus. Take a walk in a mysterious wood while I’m away. See you in late September… ~ June Lorraine Photo credit: J Chanders

  • Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Mystery Lady   I first brought Sue Coletta to this website when I put her book Marred on the 2016 Summer Reads list. It’s amazing what has transpired since then. With perseverance and hard work, she has moved forward with several projects, and sparked much admiration among her peers. For this guest post, I wanted Read more

  • Marcus Sakey: Afterlife

    Marcus Sakey: Afterlife

      Entwined in ether   Claire McCoy, FBI boss, Will Brody, her direct report. Lovers just discovering each other. Their lives severed then rejoined in a place neither could expect. Afterlife is not paradise. Existence on a different plane is rife with danger and more than that, it’s not even the last stop on an Read more

  • Lev D Lewis: Jellyfish

    Lev D Lewis: Jellyfish

    Disgraced lawyer PI extraordinaire*   Frank Bale is the private investigator of his dreams. *Dream being the operative. The world sees one version,  beaten and broke. He sees a South London Marlowe and Chandler. He’s mouthy and can’t keep his dick in his pants. We start with a woman whose husband wants a divorce and Read more

  • William Shaw: The Birdwatcher

    William Shaw: The Birdwatcher

    Flight and landing Sergeant Bill South is a neighbourhood copper. He takes stolen property reports, attends neighbourhood meetings and addresses the needs of the community. When the body of his next door neighbour Bob Reyner is discovered, South is stunned by the brutality of the act. They were birdwatching enthusiasts and quietly companionable, but South Read more

  • Duane Swierczynski: Revolver

    Duane Swierczynski: Revolver

    Family heritage Family lies   It’s a cop family of three generations. The murder of officer Stan Walczak, along with his partner in 1965, has ramifications felt 50-years later. In 1995, Walczak’s son Jim begins investigating the man he believes is responsible for the double shooting. The ex-con is adamant he was not involved. There Read more

  • Avery Duff: Beach Lawyer

    Avery Duff: Beach Lawyer

    Legal Revenge Robert Worth is athletic, handsome, intelligent and hardworking. Five years into his prevailing plan he’s about to make law partner at a prestigious Santa Monica legal firm. He discovers how cold and corrupt the world can be. His mistake, going against senior partner Jack Pierce who fires him. Blackballed and struggling, Worth takes Read more

  • Barbara Nickless: Blood on the Tracks

    Barbara Nickless: Blood on the Tracks

    Broken Souls Little Comfort Special Agent Sydney Rose Parnell has done her time in Iraq. Her role, pick up the pieces of dead soldiers for Mortuary Affairs. The aftermath of the combat carnage and the loss of the man she loved has damaged her soul. Clyde, the K9 who served on active duty, is also Read more

  • Todd Robinson: The Hard Bounce & Rough Trade

    Todd Robinson: The Hard Bounce & Rough Trade

    Carefully Simplistic Achingly Adroit   St. Gabriel’s Home for Boys is where the children of addicts, cons and abusers land. It’s not a refuge. If their lives were difficult before they arrived, they are appalling by the time they leave. At St Gabe’s boys are terrorized, brutalized, and left disaffected. Within this abortive melange, four Read more

  • Mike Knowles: Rock Beats Paper

    Mike Knowles: Rock Beats Paper

    Value of money is relative to proximity   Wilson is a professional. The job varies but he uses a tried and true methodology. Well planned and carried out to the letter. With the right connections things go well, usually. When the plan for a large crew diamond heist falls apart, he decides to take it Read more