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  • Harry Hunsicker: The Devil’s Country

    Harry Hunsicker: The Devil’s Country

    No ones hero Someone’s saviour   Once a Texas Ranger, now inveterate traveler, Arlo Baines moves from hill to hollow to forget. The void in his life is unfillable. Never long in one place, his stopover in the West Texas town of Piedra Springs changes that. In a parking lot he encounters a woman and her children. They are desperate for help to Read more

  • Don Bruns: Casting Bones

    Don Bruns: Casting Bones

      Coffee & Crime Fiction   It was in 2014 that I first had coffee with Don Bruns. After two winter seasons in Florida, it was time to branch out and find authors from the Sunshine state. It was a good conversation about books, writing and everything in-between.  Bruns kindly gave me a copy of his book Read more

  • David Swinson: The Second Girl

    David Swinson: The Second Girl

      Crime & fault Function & abuse   A functional cocaine addict, Frank Marr was once a Washington, DC narcotics detective able to keep his secret for years. Finally caught-out, the brass decided forced retirement was the solution. The truth would bring too many problems. Working as a Private Investigator Marr supplements his habit and income, by robbing drug Read more

  • Peace on Earth

    Peace on Earth

      Whatever the season Whatever the reason May the spirit of the holidays Be with you …

  • What’s it all about?

    What’s it all about?

      Recently, I was asked by thriller writer Madeleine Callway to talk about Murder in Common on her Canadian Noir blog.  It was fun to think back to when all the madness started and share why I find it rewarding.     Windigo Fire   Just so you know, Madeleine’s debut novel Windigo Fire was Read more

  • Rena Olsen: The Girl Before

    Rena Olsen: The Girl Before

      Happy Home Happy Life   Clara is a happy wife. She and Neil live together with their daughters, on a large property, deep in a wooded area. The daughters of all ages who are brought to Clara for training. Housekeeping, manners, languages, all the necessary lessons, as they wait to be assigned to a client. Mama Read more

  • Barry Eisler: Livia Lone

    Barry Eisler: Livia Lone

    Sold   Livia is a freak in the bedroom. She must have absolute control. Sometimes things work out okay. Other times she meets aggression with brutal finality. There are reasons of course. All of them understandable, none of them sustainable. In a book about loss and vengeance it’s irrelevant.   Born Labee in the Lahu hill country Read more

  • Robert Masello: The Jekyll Revelation

    Robert Masello: The Jekyll Revelation

    Jack the Ripper Jekyll and Hyde   Time for confession, The Jekyll Revelation is outside the usual genre posted on Murder in Common. It’s not crime fiction, but as I enjoyed it so much, I decided to tell you about it anyway.   Based on a story about Robert Louis Stephenson and his book The Strange Read more

  • Franklin Schneider & Jennifer Schneider: Black Hills

    Franklin Schneider & Jennifer Schneider: Black Hills

      Town of Corruption Place of Despair   Alice Riley is a disgraced Brooklyn journalist turned private investigator. She came to her new profession by searching for the truth behind a story. Instead, she found self-serving justification and unemployment. She’s in the South Dakota oil fracking town of Whitehurst to investigate the arrest of a former colleague’s Read more

  • Autumn: New season of crime fiction

        Early Autumn Time for more reading     Yes, the Autumn weather is here and I’m looking forward to a brand new season of crime fiction for Murder in Common. This year I decided to add an Interview page to the website. There are many authors that I speak with about their craft and it’s time Read more