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  • Summer reads

    Summer reads

    It’s now full-on summer and perhaps you need a little down time with a good book…or three…or more. I’ll let you get on with my suggested reading while I put Murder in Common on it’s summer hiatus. See you in September!   How about a double dip from crime fiction author Sue Coletta:   Marred Sage Quintano Read more

  • Dot Hutchinson: The Butterfly Garden

    Dot Hutchinson: The Butterfly Garden

      Wings that don’t fly   An enclosed garden filled with butterflies, tended by a congenial gardener. Only the butterflies are beautiful women captured and intricately tattooed. And the congeniality is the smooth mask of a psychopath.   The man takes very good care of them over the years as they are there to serve his pleasure. When Read more

  • Ilene B. Benator: Schizo – Hidden in Plain Sight

    Insane asylum Two inmates: One Escape Former medical student Dan Greenberg’s life is an endless round of medications, dull food and listless, and at times, violent companions. Pretty much the norm for living in an insane asylum. He’s not supposed to be there, a victim of a set-up when he came close to exposing medical intrusion, by Read more

  • Crime fiction: SciFi

        Genre Bending & Blending – Part two  Dying for a Living   Talk about a book to catch your fancy, Kory Shrum brings us a near future world where people can hire a Necronite to die in their place.  Jesse Sullivan is one of the best in her field. As a Necronite she will Read more

  • Crime Fiction – Steampunk

    Genre Bending Genre Blending   Private Investigators are not limited to the Crime Fiction genre. They can appear in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Steampunk to name a few. Today I’m posting Part one of a series showing you a few books I really liked that have P.I.’s as the protagonist. I hope you find something Read more

  • Steve Hamilton: The Second Life of Nick Mason

    Steve Hamilton: The Second Life of Nick Mason

      “This isn’t freedom. This is mobility. Don’t get those two things confused.”     Nick Mason is under contract. No signature appears on any document. Only his word to a crime lord who arranged his freedom a few years into his 20-year sentence. He is moved into a luxury condo where, food, drink, clothing and a Read more

  • Andrew Case: The Big Fear

    Andrew Case: The Big Fear

    Opposing forces April 1st Release   in his latest book, The Big Fear, Andrew Case brings us into the world of New York’s Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption (DIMAC) and it’s new head, Leonard Mitchell. The opening chapter of his book brings us aboard a strangely silent cargo ship where things go wrong for Detective Ralph Mulino. An Read more

  • VBA: What! Again?

    VBA: What! Again?

      Clearly I’m chuffed!         I was quite delighted to be nominated by  Dear Kitty. Some blog whose own blog is nicely diverse. The rules of this award are: Display the award Thank the person who nominated you Share seven facts about yourself Nominate up to 10 other bloggers Here are seven facts about Read more

  • Brian Panowich: Bull Mountain

    Family of crime Sheriff of duty   Dark. Immersive . Violent . Compelling   Bull Mountain in northern Georgia is the kingdom of the Burroughs family and Hal sits comfortably on his throne.  They are a vicious lot, running their criminal enterprise in ruthless patterns of violence. Dealing mainly in meth and marijuana, they rule the mountain Read more

  • Flash Fiction Press Presents

    Picking Blueberries Flash fiction inspired by a true incident The Flash Fiction Press kindly picked up my story on February 25th. I hope you enjoy it. ~ June Lorraine   Photo: Michael S. Thompson