Tag: June Lorraine Roberts

  • Paul Cleave: Cemetery Lake

    Desperate times Desperate measures   How much trouble can one ex-cop turned PI get into? Read Cemetery Lake to find out and you’ll shake your head. New Zealand’s Paul Cleave has created quite the character in the impulsive Theodore Tate. He keeps you busy wondering how things can possibly  work out and he does it with Read more

  • David Joy: Where All Light Tends to Go

      Backwoods Noir   Jacob McNeely lives a life of self-imposed constraint. He feels cast in a poisoned drama of parental tragedy. His father Charlie runs an meth ring and has the local police on his payroll. His mother is a meth addict.   Jacob believes the script of his life is written and there Read more

  • R. Michael Phillips: Between Good and Evil

      Small town suspense Big city crime   Sheriff Promise Flynn is a scarred former Chicago detective who resettled in Auburn Notch after two criminals left her for dead. The events now unfolding in this quiet town have her very frightened but she is smart and knows how to work the facts.   A coarse, staged Read more

  • Travelling: South America

    Off to adventure in South America… Back in a few weeks  

  • Terry Hayes: I Am Pilgrim

     Two men, two missions, one conclusion     A recommendation from a friend had me racing through this book and it’s not a short one. It’s billed as a thriller and it is, but there is backstory and reflection. We get to see the events that molded each man’s character and we see their intense Read more

  • Stockholm Syndrome: Melissa YI

      “… you know how they say money talks? Forget that. Firearms talk. They order. They compel.”     From author Melissa Yi comes a page turner that eases us into 2016. Dr. Hope Sze is a resident at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Montreal. She is on-call when the labour and delivery unit is turned into a danger Read more

  • Peace on Earth

    At this time In our world May every joy and blessing be yours   ~ June Lorraine

  • The Killing Lessons: Saul Black

    Desperation & Loss Courage & Recovery   Saul Black’s characterization of the lead investigator Valerie Hart is excellent. She’s smart, accomplished and damn good at her job. Stress has taken its toll however and her decline is marked by a serial killer case from years earlier.   She becomes self-destructive and betrays her lover with another man. It’s not Read more

  • Pedaling & Writing: Similar states, similar fears

    On a bicycle again: For the first time White knuckled with fear and with a death grip on the handle bars my instructor coached me from the sidelines. This is long before my feet are on the pedals. Gone are the days of running beside a bicycle holding onto whatever worked. These days it’s heel Read more

  • The Last Witness: Denzil Meyrick

      Retribution comes home to roost   A villain thought dead for five years has returned to wreck vengeance and DCI Jim Daley is in stunned disbelief. Having attended the autopsy of James Machie, after he was assassinated in an assault on his prison bus, how can he possibly still be alive? At risk is Frank Read more