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  • Winners! Benefit of the Doubt

     Neal Griffin brings a tale of redemption against malignant forces   Congratulations goes out to the following crime fiction readers: M. Vincent – Thirroul, NSW, Australia S. Cronin – Madrid, Spain There are winners outstanding and I continue attempts to validate their address for the publisher and to also post them here. Many thanks to all Read more

  • Obituaries: Mining the unexpected

    Obits are chock full of characters & storylines   Reading the obituaries in my daily newspaper is not a regular pastime. But as it happened one day, looking for information for personal reasons, I came across the obituary for a WWII soldier. Out curiosity and respect for his service I began to read the many interesting Read more

  • CWC 2015 Arthur Ellis Shortlist

    Best First Novel and Unhanged Arthur always peak my interest   While travelling the CWC (Crime Writers of Canada) released its shortlist for the 2015 Arthur Ellis Awards given for “excellence in Canadian crime writing.” We have to wait until May 28th to find out the winners so here is the list so you can cross-fingers Read more

  • Grant of Immunity: A debut legal thriller

       Some lives are a wheel of misfortune   There are many moving parts to this book. It reminds me of a Ferris wheel. With every revolution some new matter comes about and the wheel keeps moving with you as its willing passenger. It’s 1976 and 20 year old Snake and Daniel a 15 year old teenager Read more

  • Sean Chercover: Frisson in print

      In trouble? PI Ray Dudgeon is the man to help   It’s happened to you hasn’t it? You’re all set to get into a murder mystery book or crime thriller and realize you’ve read it before. Damned frustrating isn’t it? It just happened to me with Trigger City. I read it again. Sean Chercover is so Read more

  • Versatile Blogger Award

       An amazing thing happens when you stop seeking approval and validation: You find it. – Mandy Hale   I’m very pleased to have been nominated by Kate at Crazy Antics for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you! There are a few rules associated with the award which can be found on my About page. In Read more

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

    Two killers, a forest fire and electrical storm, it’s enough to keep you busy   They have pale blue eyes and pale blonde hair, one shoulder length, one military cut. They are the Blackwell brothers and they are as cold as they look.   They want 14-year old Jace Wilson dead because he witnessed them Read more

  • The Barkeep: Drink in

    Perfect mixology for a sipping libation   Justin Chase keeps his life simple. He owns few possessions and practices Zen philosophy. He’s also a very popular bartender.  No flash, no drama he mixes a quality potion and when he tires of the wood he stands behind he moves on to another bar. His regulars follow. Several Read more

  • The Dead Room: Dead On!

    A multi-layered plot full of unfolding revelations You know those thrillers that speed you along with incomplete characters like cotton candy, sweet but kind of empty? This isn’t one of those. It’s a thriller with characters of depth and a book that keeps you turning pages damn quickly. Teddy Mack has no interest in the practice Read more

  • The Rosebud: a nomination for Kilmoon

    Lisa Alber had launched her debut murder mystery novel Kilmoon in March of last year when I wrote about her as a person of interest. I’m so pleased to tell you that she has been nominated by Left Coast Crime for The Rosebud which represents the best first mystery novel set anywhere in the world.   The Read more