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  • Peace on earth: Goodwill to all

      May the spirit of this season shine on you with joy and many blessings. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a New Year of peace. ~ June Lorraine

  • Never Look Back: Put ahead in your reading list

    CWA Debut Dagger 2011: Long listed as The Watcher Professional photographer Sarah Grainger lives in terror of her telephone ringing. She’s being stalked by someone unknown and the local police station has been less than helpful. Screwing up her courage to leave her home she approaches another station with her diary charting the calls. Will Read more

  • Linda Castillo: Chief of Police Kate Burkholder series

    Crime in and around an Amish community   Linda Castillo has written six books in her New York Times bestselling Kate Burkholder series. Set in the town of Painters Mill, Ohio, the series follows the chief as she navigates crime around the Amish community, a closed world of which she is no longer a member. Castillo has Read more

  • The Last Policeman: Investigating Murder at Worlds End

    Edgar Award Winner bridging murder mystery and science fiction genres with a deft hand   In The Last Policeman the meteor 2011GV (Maia) is more than six kilometers across and heading for the earth. The impact will be catastrophic. For those not in the direct path of Maia there will be tsunami and other natural disasters to Read more

  • Murder in southern climes: Finding new community

     The search for Florida crime fiction authors. The kilometers have flown by and now we are ensconced in our winter home. Had someone told me 15-years ago that I would be spending months of my life living in a gated, golf community in Florida I would have laughed my guts up. However, what provides enjoyment Read more

  • The writer within: Getting her/him out

      Conversations about writing can lead to action. Lately there have been discussions with several people who have asked about what I’m writing and when and/or if I will be writing a book. The B word scares me to death. I’ve read enough from reliable sources to know that it is a hard journey. I Read more

  • A murderous year

    A congratulatory note from WordPress came the other day: 1-year since Murder in Common was created. This brings on some reflection about where I started and where I am now. In some ways there are no changes, I’m just as damned opinionated. However, there is more focus now as I look to new authors and Read more

  • Russian Dope: is dope*!

    *Dope as in urban slang for good/entertaining. Only junkies would think it was possible to rip-off the Russian mafia and get away with it. Enter Laila and Phillip, an adorable, coke sniffing couple. She is living with him in a slum apartment until she can find something better. He’s too stupid and/or stoned to know Read more

  • Baudelaire’s Revenge: Coarse salt across your senses

    Complex, engrossing, story layering . Hercule Poirot Prize winner – 2007 Tense and grim is the Paris that Commissioner Paul LeFèvre inhabits as the Franco-Prussian war carries on in 1870. The atmosphere is a distinct match for his persona as he awaits his return to the grave. Wounded during a melee in the Franco-Russian war Read more

  • Stinking Rich: Tornado in a bottle

    Delightfully outlandish and wickedly outrageous An outhouse, airplane and RV. A bright-eyed granny, stalwart ticket agent and mountain man. What have they all in common? They are all delicious side-dishes to a menu of wayward misfits, societal cast-offs and the vainly unscrupulous who appear in this debut book by Toronto author Rob Brunet. The recipe Read more