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  • David Bradbury: Harbor City Homicide

    David Bradbury: Harbor City Homicide

    “Detective,” he said, meeting her gaze. “You want the word on the street, honest to God, unvarnished. You’re a door missing hinges.” LA Detective Helen Freitag is on the job for the long haul. A survivor of an IED during a tour of duty, she is a capable but reclusive investigator, who often gets lost Read more

  • Liam McIvanney: The Heretic & Col’s Criminal Library

    Liam McIvanney: The Heretic & Col’s Criminal Library

    I’m a bit under the weather so have lifted this excellent review from Col’s Criminal Library Col is a stellar reviewer and gives this book 5/5. The Heretic

  • J.B. Stevens: A Therapeutic Death

    J.B. Stevens: A Therapeutic Death

    Violent Short Stories I had to sit on the review for this book to be released. Here it is at last – COVID-19 has created problems for both writers and publishers. So here we have tales of desperation, fear, and longing and desire. All of them wrapped up in stories that seem to have impossible Read more

  • Curtis Ippolito: Burying the Newspaper Man

    Curtis Ippolito: Burying the Newspaper Man

    The place is San Diego, California, and the cop on the beach beat is Marcus Kemp. He’s got quite the record for finding stolen cars and he’s just located another one. Upon opening the trunk, Kemp finds more than he could have imagined. It’s not the man’s body that alarms him so much. It’s the Read more

  • A Dark and Broken Heart: R.J. Ellroy

    A Dark and Broken Heart: R.J. Ellroy

    The other day found me rereading A Dark and Broken Heart (2012). That’s actually surprising as I have little time for such indulgence. This overview is from Ellroy’s website: It should have all been so easy for Vincent Madigan. Take four hundred grand from the thieves who stole it in the first place and who Read more

  • David Whitton: Seven Down

    David Whitton: Seven Down

    Seven of them: Reservations, Engineering, Catering, Courtesy, Security, Management, and Systems. Seven sleeper agents at a chic hotel. They know nothing about each other. They know only about the phone call that will set them on their assigned task. Written as an interrogation of each agent in turn, we see that what starts off as Read more

  • Joshua Melville: American Time Bomb

    Attica, Sam Melville, and a Son’s Search for Answers You know I like to shake things around, so here is another non-fiction crime book/memoir for your consideration. Written by Joshua Melville, American Time Bomb relates the history of his father Sam Melville, and the people and groups (like the Weathermen) he associated with. It also Read more

  • Terrence McCauley: The Wandering Man

    Terrence McCauley: The Wandering Man

    Charlie Doherty is an NYPD sergeant. To be more accurate, he has the shield, but he’s still the bagman for Chief Carmichael. No, even that’s not quite right. He’s the be all, do all for Carmichael. By trying to define who Doherty is, begins to show you how complex he is. And why this book, Read more

  • Will Carver: Psychopaths Anonymous

    Will Carver: Psychopaths Anonymous

    Maeve is a raging alcoholic. Mind you she doesn’t see herself that way. She goes to AA meetings to manipulate and exploit the members there. Inside she ridicules their fears, struggles and triumphs, while presenting a sympathetic demeanor. In Maeve’s mind they are all losers and the whole 12-Step process is one big load of Read more

  • Simon Maltman: The Mark

    Simon Maltman: The Mark

    Vicky Stark does music covers at birthdays, anniversaries and the like. She also takes photos of household alarm systems so her ex-boyfriend Mike can burgle their homes and split the profits with her. She’s going on vacation, leaving rainy Belfast for the Canary Island of Lanzarote. Warm breezes and poolside relaxation are what she needs Read more