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  • John Greco: Dark Secrets

    John Greco: Dark Secrets

    Let’s start off the Autumn season of short stories with this selection by John Greco. Inside, what is now his fourth book, are stories of murder, enticement and betrayal. The Bombay Hook Incident was a bit of fun and I loved when the character Dee said: “Call me girl one more time, and I’ll shoot Read more

  • Trace Conger: Five Will Die

    Trace Conger: Five Will Die

    In a departure from some of his earlier books, Trace Conger offers up the tale of Sheriff Tim Burke whose town is at the mercy of a serial killer. Burke moved to Lincoln, Ohio, when an anxiety disorder forced him to leave the Cleveland Police Department. Now confronted with the certainty that a previously trashed, Read more

  • Joe R. Lansdale: Moon Lake

    Joe R. Lansdale: Moon Lake

    In 1968, Daniel Russel was only 13-years old when his father drove them off a bridge in a murder-suicide attempt. Luckily, Ronnie Candles and her father were nearby and he was rescued and taken into their home. At night though Russel is haunted by visits from his father in his dreams. Ten years later when Read more

  • LaVonne Griffin-Valade: Dead Point

    LaVonne Griffin-Valade: Dead Point

    Maggie Blackthorne is a Sergeant in the Oregon State Police. She’s back in her home town in the eastern Oregon high desert after 20-years. The same faces, and the drunks and pushers, poverty and feuds are all in place. Finding the twin Nodine brothers shot dead along with their dog is a shocking site. Blackthorne Read more

  • James L’Etoile: Black Label

    James L’Etoile: Black Label

    Jilly Cooper wakes up, naked in bed with a brutal migraine. She’s in a condo that she’s never seen before and has no idea where she is. Nearby is an empty tequila bottle and a framed photo of her and her boss at Dynalife Pharmaceutical, CEO Jonathan Mattson. She’s only ever had a professional relationship Read more

  • R.B. Young: Crimes of Disrespect

    R.B. Young: Crimes of Disrespect

    Pamela Renard is an exchange student from the Coyote River First Nation high school to the Woodmore Academy, a private school. It’s a rough start, another student Rose Molloy throws racial slurs at Renard making her time there difficult. As the school and Renard try to educate the students about the unceded land taken from Read more

  • Moonlight & Misadventure

    Moonlight & Misadventure

    Moonlight & Misadventure is a journey into the devilish minds of several crime fiction authors. Some I’d read before and some new reads. The discovery and re-discovery is always an entertaining process. Here’s a quick overview to whet your appetite: Michael A. Clark – Scavenger Hunt, has an undercover FBI agent in a skiff with Read more

  • Mark Leichliter: The Other Side

    Mark Leichliter: The Other Side

    It starts with a missing girl, like those that are so often never found. And the beginning of the search brings us into the realm of Detective Steve Wendell. As we move into the investigation and no trace of Brittany Rogers can be found, Wendell doesn’t give-in. It’s not obsession, but as a good cop, Read more

  • David Heska Wanbli Weiden: Winter Counts

    David Heska Wanbli Weiden: Winter Counts

    This incredible book by David Heska Wanbli Weiden has been received with wide acclaim and my blogging friend Meredith Rankin gives Winter Counts it’s full due in her review. Click Here to read it now and know that I agree with everything she writes, up to and including examining food choices. Also, the LA Times Read more

  • Robin Yocum: The Sacrifice of Lester Yates

    Robin Yocum: The Sacrifice of Lester Yates

    Hutch Van Buren is the Attorney General of Ohio and bored beyond belief. Always someone who roots for the underdog and a talented, driven prosecutor, he longs for more of… something. ‘Something’ walks into his office one day without an appointment. Black binders carried by prison guard Reno Moretti. Lester Yates, the Egypt Valley Strangler Read more