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  • E.A. Barres: They’re Gone

    E.A. Barres: They’re Gone

    Deb Linh Thomas and Cessy Castillo have something in common. Both of their husbands were murdered the same night. For Thomas, it’s devastation. Her husband died at the hands of a crazed sex worker. For Castillo, it was no great loss. Her husband was physically abusive. Each woman will be drawn into something they want Read more

  • Dietrich Kalteis: Cradle of the Deep

    Dietrich Kalteis: Cradle of the Deep

    Bobbi Ricci makes her way in the world the best she can. These days, she’s the girlfriend of Lonzo ‘Maddog’ Palmieri. He’s pretty long in the tooth and not quite the fearsome mobster he used to be, but he likes to play-up the mad dog persona. Bobbi has plans for the money hidden in his Read more

  • Brian Selfon: The Nightworkers

    Brian Selfon: The Nightworkers

    Don’t open it, don’t weigh it, don’t hold it up to the light Welcome to Brooklyn Noir and the neighbourhood of Bushwick. In one tidy home lives Shecky, Kerasha and Henry. Kerasha, 21, is a cousin who had a heroin addicted mother and rotating doors of foster homes. Henry 23, is his nephew, once a Read more

  • Sue Coletta: Pretty Evil New England

    Sue Coletta: Pretty Evil New England

    Sue Coletta Interview + Pretty Evil New England Book Giveaway! As you know, I like to shake things up now and again. This time, it’s featuring crime fiction author Sue Coletta, writing her first true crime book. Not just that, Coletta has provided an interview on how she managed the writing transition from crime fiction Read more

  • Stephen J. Golds: Say Goodbye When I’m Gone

    Stephen J. Golds: Say Goodbye When I’m Gone

    The nail that sticks out will be hammered down My waiting with veiled patience for Say Goodbye When I’m Gone has paid off. This debut by Stephen J Golds is one urgent, breathless trip and certainly not for the prim and squeamish. It’s noir with a capital N. It’s the blunt end of the sword Read more

  • Simone St. James: The Sun Down Motel

    Simone St. James: The Sun Down Motel

    With Halloween 2-weeks away, here’s some deliciously spooky crime fiction. The Sun Down Motel has been around for years, and so have the ghosts haunting it. The cigarette smoker, the battered woman in the floral dress, and the little boy who drowned in the pool. They all appear in this story, but not all are Read more

  • Late Summer Hiatus

    Late Summer Hiatus

    Taking a break and back in a few weeks. Stay Safe – Wear a Mask. ~ June Lorraine

  • Joe R. Lansdale: More Better Deals

    Joe R. Lansdale: More Better Deals

    “Murderers always get caught. Except the ones that get away with it.” Ed Edwards is weary of the game. He’s been working at Smiling Dave’s used car lot for awhile and is tired of the rolled back odometers, and cars held together with electrical tape and a prayer to get them off the lot. “Buyer Read more

  • David Hill: The Vapors

    David Hill: The Vapors

    A Southern Family, the New York Mob, and the Rise and Fall of Hot Springs – America’s Forgotten Capital of Vice A bit of a departure here – crime history for your consideration. The place at play in this book is Hot Springs, Arkansas, when it was a sanctum of gambling and horse racing, organized Read more

  • Johnny Shaw: The Southland

    Johnny Shaw: The Southland

    Available August 7th, 2020 Three women: Nadia, Luz and Ostelinda. All illegal in the US. Each of them with a difficult past. Each want a better life. Ostelinda trafficked, Luz working three jobs, Nadia fleeing Mexico for her life. When Luz’s son goes missing, these three women connect, along with Gilles, the white alcoholic, who Read more