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  • David Albertyn: Undercard

    David Albertyn: Undercard

    Win at all costs! Finally got around to reading this explosive book by David Albertyn, and I can say, Undercard is the book for you. Tyron Shaw has just been released from the Marines. An effective soldier based overseas, he’s seen his share of terror and blood. Arriving home he finds his friend, Quinn the Read more

  • Russ Thomas: Firewatching

    Russ Thomas: Firewatching

    Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler, talented, taciturn, reclusive, gay. He ignores the jibes from his colleagues – mostly. The body of missing financier Gerald Cartwright is found in the walls of his home when his son starts a renovation. The son Oscar, is the man Tyler had a one night stand with the night before. By Read more

  • John D Patten: Miami Burn

    John D Patten: Miami Burn

    A missing daughter from a prominent family. Her mother wants her found, just to know she is safe. Her choice for the job – Titus. Ex-con, former detective. A man seemingly just passing through and working as a bartender. And yet recommended for the mission. It’s when the family tries to pay him off , Read more

  • Author Rebecca Hodge: Wildland

    Author Rebecca Hodge: Wildland

    “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” Kat’s cancer is back after a three year remission, and it doesn’t look good. She rents a cabin in the mountains to determine her next steps. Treatment or no treatment. That life and death decision is curtailed by another. Escape a deadly wildfire enveloping the mountain. Read more

  • Author Tim Garvin: A Dredging in Swann

    There’s a first time for everything. Today, I’m posting the Publishers Weekly review of this book. It’s as excellent as the review notes, and you should give this debut book by Tim Garvin a go. Please click here: A Dredging in Swann ~ June Lorraine MurderInCommon.com is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

  • Author: Steven Max Russo: The Dead Don’t Sleep

    Author: Steven Max Russo: The Dead Don’t Sleep

    Vendetta – Revenge Frank Thompson is an old warrior, long removed from the jungles and strife of Vietnam. For some warriors though, things are not forgotten. Like the time Thompson killed a black-ops soldier during Operation Phoenix. Spotted by one of the dead soldiers friends at a trap range, while visiting family in New Jersey, Read more

  • Author C.S. O’Cinneide: Starr Sting Scale

    Author C.S. O’Cinneide: Starr Sting Scale

    She’s 6-feet + of mean and will cut you down with nary a side look. She also has the occasional soft spot in certain circumstances, but don’t count on it to keep you safe. Candace Starr retired after her release from prison. A contract killer, she often took after her father in methodology – snapping Read more

  • Author Henry Roi: With Her Fists

    Author Henry Roi: With Her Fists

    Prison is what you make it Clarice Ares, has recently retired as a two-time, Bantamweight Champion boxer. She and her husband Ace run a combined car shop and tattoo parlour. Custom Ace and Tattoology are considered first class operations. A cartel mule’s vehicle has electrical problems. The nearest shop for a quick repair is Custom Read more

  • Shawn Wilson: Relentless

    Shawn Wilson: Relentless

    Brian ‘Brick’ Kavanagh, a homicide detective in Washington DC, is called out to investigate the body of a woman in the Tidal Basin. Cherry blossom season means heavy tourist traffic and the city executives aren’t happy about the optics of the murder. Their rush to judgement means they want an immediate arrest. When the woman’s Read more

  • Lee Goldberg: Lost Hills

    Eve Ronin Book #1 Deputy Eve Ronin has been transferred to homicide in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. She became a viral sensation dealing with an abusive actor and the Sheriff’s Department needed some good press to offset a scandal. The homicide detectives that worked their way up through the ranks are not happy, Read more