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  • James L’Etoile: Dead Drop

    James L’Etoile: Dead Drop

    Available July 19 – Pre-order Here Maricopa County Detective Nathan Parker is a good cop, but he’s put his life on hold over the death of his partner. He’s left behind relationships, and his work has suffered – he can’t let go. Working on the border means coyotes and illegals are crossing the border regularly. Read more

  • Allen Eskens: Nothing More Dangerous

    Allen Eskens: Nothing More Dangerous

     “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. Boady Sanden is a white 15-year old who’s counting down the days. He’s getting the hell out of Jessup, Missouri. Things are brewing in 70s Jessup though. Lida Poe, the African American bookkeeper at the plastics Read more

  • Benedict J Jones: The Gingerbread Houses

    Benedict J Jones: The Gingerbread Houses

    With bonus Q&A below Not much is pretty about the Gingerbread Houses, an image that normally conjures beauty and charm. These Gingerbread Houses are vile places where degenerate behaviours are forced upon the young. PI Charlie ‘Bars’ Constantinople is hired to find a pedophile using the name Teddy Bear. A man who has left the Read more

  • Ausma Zehanat Khan: The Unquiet Dead

    Ausma Zehanat Khan: The Unquiet Dead

    What kind this justice? Christopher Drayton has fallen to his death from the Scarborough Bluffs. Inspector Esa Khattak and his hand- picked Sargent Rachel Getty are asked to quietly investigate. Puzzling, as the team remit for Khattak and Getty is minority sensitive cases. So begins an amazing book by Ausma Zehanat Khan. It will take Read more