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  • Dieter Kalteis: The Get

    Dieter Kalteis: The Get

    Toronto in the 70s. Long hair on men normalizing, multi-cultural neighbourhoods entrenching, and politicians demanding a crackdown on crime. Two collectors for Ernie Zimm’s protection racket: Gabe ‘the Twist” Zoller and Lenny Ovitz. Zoller has a bit of a problem collecting at the Merchant of Mink leading to the owner and his bookkeeper being killed…

  • John Talton: City of Dark Corners

    John Talton: City of Dark Corners

    Gene Hammons was the best detective in the Phoenix Police Department. That is until he wouldn’t play along to get along. Now a Private Investigator he’s managing pretty well in the Great Depression. A woman’s body is found by the railway tracks. She’s been dismembered and posed. The newspapers are calling it an accident on…