Tag: Murder in Common

  • George Albert Brown: Who Killed Jerusalem

    George Albert Brown: Who Killed Jerusalem

    Ickey Jerusalem is a noted poet in 1970s California. It’s somewhat incongruous then, when his body is discovered in an airplane toilet amid flight. Aboard the flight is Dedalus “Ded” Smith, recently divorced insurance claims adjuster. Sick over his divorce and tired to death of his dead end job. Upon deplaning in San Francisco, Smith Read more

  • Mark Atley: A Bright Young Man

    Mark Atley: A Bright Young Man

    Charlie McQueen is a Hollywood stuntman and an aspiring actor. He’s just been given an opportunity to act in a movie about a murder that took place in his hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The movie’s producer, River Rhodes, is on a bit of vengeance trip with this production. The script is really the story about Read more

  • Noelle Holten: 6 Ripley Avenue

    Noelle Holten: 6 Ripley Avenue

    Ripley House Approved Premises. It’s a probation hostel or perhaps halfway house in my parlance. Several ex-cons are resident here, and now one of them, Danny Wells, is dead. Jeanette Macey is the probation officer in charge of the house and it seems that the surveillance system has malfunctioned. Neglect, or by design? Either way Read more

  • Jason Beech: Breaking Point

    Jason Beech: Breaking Point

    “My momma always said when poverty worms through your door, love jumps out the window.” From the first get go, Jason Beech gets our attention in this book of Crime Stories. Starting with Marley Anderson in Breaking Point, a man hiding in a cabin in the deep woods. Marley did some killing and it’s now Read more

  • Aaron Philip Clark: Blue Like Me +Interview

    Aaron Philip Clark: Blue Like Me +Interview

    ‘My father always said becoming a police officer is one of the most self-destructive choices a person can make. He likened it to drowning in a lake.’ Trevor “Finn’ Finnegan is a PI on a stakeout. He knows there are dirty LAPD cops involved at the site, but when his former partner Munoz shows up Read more

  • Eric Beetner: There and Back

    Eric Beetner: There and Back

    The Truth Must Not be Unearthed It’s a team building exercise into the forest for 10 colleagues. Many don’t want to be there, but two promotions are available and they know this is a test. Things go wrong immediately. When crossing over a fast moving river, a rope bridge entangles one of them and it’s Read more

  • Kevin G. Chapman: Dead Winner +Interview

    Kevin G. Chapman: Dead Winner +Interview

    The seemingly oblivious Rory and the femme fatal Monica. Thriller author Kevin G. Chapman is fresh off a five-book story arc in his Mike Stoneman Thriller series. Now, taking a break from that series, he has written a stand-alone novel called Dead Winner. We caught up with Kevin to ask a few questions about the Read more

  • Debbi Mack: Fatal Connections

    Debbi Mack: Fatal Connections

    When does a Marine run from a fight? When she’s on probation and in anger management therapy. Called out in the middle of the night to meet with her social media influencer clients the Harcourts, Erica Jensen finds a death scene at their home. Detectives Meredith Sully and Thomas Gordan are suspicious but have no Read more

  • Mary Keliikoa: Hidden Pieces

    Mary Keliikoa: Hidden Pieces

    Misty Pines Mystery Series Sheriff Jax Turner is a heartbroken man. Having lost his daughter to cancer, and his wife to the inevitable fall-out of his consuming grief, he’s ready to exit the world. A radio call about Allison, who’s been missing for hours, forces him to a noxious reality. Brought back from the brink of Read more

  • David Putnam: A Fearsome Moonlight Black

    David Putnam: A Fearsome Moonlight Black

    Hesitant, unsure, purposeful, and determined, Dave Beckett has all the hallmarks of a rookie cop in 1979. His initial days on the job are marred by a difficult call, a suicide. It’s not the only disturbing call of that nature that he responds to in those early years. Forward eight years, Beckett is now a Read more

  • Kelly J. Ford: Real Bad Things

    Kelly J. Ford: Real Bad Things

    They’d all sworn – Jane, Georgia Lee, Jason, Angie – to never tell… Jane Moody confessed to the murder of her step-father Warren Ingram. His body was never found and the police dismissed her confession. She was just a teenaged girl after all, how could she have killed someone? Now more than 20-years later, Warren’s Read more

  • A.J. Devlin: Five Moves of Doom

    A.J. Devlin: Five Moves of Doom

    Back with you at last and an entertaining book to get us going. Elijah Lennox displays his diamond studded UFC Championship belt in his gym. He uses it as an incentive for the young men he trains. One day it’s missing. Lennox turns to “Hammerhead” Jed Ounstead, a retired pro wrestler turned PI who’s known Read more

  • Steve Goble: City Problems

    Steve Goble: City Problems

    “I was supposed to be ready for anything.“ Detective Ed Runyon escaped from New York to rural Ohio years ago. He left behind the city and the memory of a dead girl nailed to a wall. It was a case that almost broke him. Runyon did everything possible to forget, therapy, medication, booze, and he Read more

  • Trace Conger: Catch and Release

    Trace Conger: Catch and Release

    When it comes to danger there are: No Promises Vacationing on a family isle in Meddebemps, Maine, Connor Harding watches as a man named Boone cautiously paddles a canoe to his dock. The box he’s carrying contains postcards that are sent to his gangster boss Little Freddie. They are mailed from different cities, on the Read more

  • Pete Mesling: The Portable Nine

    Pete Mesling: The Portable Nine

    Nine villians…no wait, nine assassins, because not all assassins are villians… Welcome to the world of The Portable Nine. They dispersed years ago to their own decay and devices. Now Davenport, the Mad Man of Malta, is bringing them all together again in a venture to make them rich, and have a bit of revenge Read more