Tag: Murder in Common

  • Halloween reads

    Fall is my favourite time of year and Halloween is a fun part of the season. Who can forget and all those wonderful 50s films by the UK Hammer Company starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing? Somehow English accents made Dracula and Frankenstein all the more creepy. From the kitsch of Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, Read more

  • Dead trilogy

    When I told my husband I was in love with a 19-year old Irish gunman named Michael Forsythe he barely blinked. On that day I had been immersed in Dead I Well May Be since the morning. It’s one of those fabulous books that catches you deeply to the exclusion of much else. Happily, the Read more

  • The weeks end

    Another five weekdays has passed and here are a few things from around the Web: Rap Sheet: NZ Eleanor Catton youngest winner of Man Booker Prize Scoop Culture Finalists announced for Ngaio Marsh Crime Awards Crime Writers’ Association will announce on November 5 the results of results of their Best Ever Poll. Just to tweak Read more

  • Jane Casey

    Ever read a book where the principal character is a rookie detective in the first few chapters, by the middle of the book an undiscovered genius and by the end has attained the wisdom and influence of someone who has been on the job for 15-years? Be ready for the refreshing Det. Maeve Kerrigan, who Read more

  • End of Week

    Here it is Friday and I am ending my first blog post week of October. I can’t say it has been a prolific week but it has been interesting and I have garnered a few ‘followers’ and a few ‘likes’. The Wrap-up  The Art of Reading brought me comments from two Australian authors: Vicki Tyley Read more

  • The art of reading

    While there is no mistaking my preference of genre I like to keep this inclination fresh by changing the county of origin of the author.  Makes no difference you say? Then perhaps you have not moved out of your reader comfort zone and have unknowingly stuck to the top 10 list of authors for country Read more

  • So Jo

    Jo Nesbo has put out his 10th book – Police – and I have yet to make much of a dent into the great Harry Hole series. So many books, so little time,  so few dollars.   Order The Harry Hole Series by Jo Nesbo