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  • David Hewson: Shooter in the Dark

    David Hewson: Shooter in the Dark

    Available July 18th Tom Honeyman isn’t having much luck with writing since his double murder, true crime bestseller came out in 2008. Retreating to his unpopulated island to write something, anything, Honeyman finds himself with company. A man is holding his daughter hostage on the island. He wants Honeyman to write the truth about what Read more

  • Russ Thomas: Firewatching

    Russ Thomas: Firewatching

    Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler, talented, taciturn, reclusive, gay. He ignores the jibes from his colleagues – mostly. The body of missing financier Gerald Cartwright is found in the walls of his home when his son starts a renovation. The son Oscar, is the man Tyler had a one night stand with the night before. By Read more

  • Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    London, England Post WWII It’s almost dawn on Christmas day when Newman’s phone rings. A City Councilor is sending his driver to bring the Private Investigator Newman to the scene of an incident. The body of Raymond Jarrett is found outside a church. Jarrett is a pimp for young men to discerning clients. And oh Read more

  • TH1RT3EN: Steve Cavanagh

    TH1RT3EN: Steve Cavanagh

    The wife of a Hollywood ‘It’ couple is found dead with her security guard in bed beside her. The husband, Robert Solomon is charged with their murders, and it’s the sensational trial of the year. The defense team hires Eddie Flynn to take on the police evidence. He’s got a bad history with the police Read more

  • Florence Wetzel: The Grand Man

    Florence Wetzel: The Grand Man

    A Scandinavian Thriller Time for a bit of refresh and this may hit the spot for you. The Grand Man has lots going on as there are three crimes to be solved. Two past, one present. The murder of Sweden’s Prime Minister Olaf Palme in 1986, Stieg Larrson’s missing 4th book, and the murder of Read more

  • Emma Viskic: Resurrection Bay

    Emma Viskic: Resurrection Bay

    Caleb Zelig and Frankie Reynolds are partners in the security investigation firm Trust Works. Zelig has dogged work and determination to his benefit. Almost completely deaf since childhood, he works hard to manage lip reading and his hearing aids. Reynolds an ex-cop, has been dry for 6-years. She maintains day to day, the best she Read more

  • Michael Pronko: The Moving Blade

    Michael Pronko: The Moving Blade

    Feeling Tokyo   Michael Pronko contacted me out the of the blue one day, and it was the best kind of surprise. The second book of his Tokyo Mystery series, The Moving Blade was released September 30, and if you have an interest in Japanese culture in a crime fiction setting, give this serious consideration. Read more

  • R.G. Belsky: Yesterday’s News

    R.G. Belsky: Yesterday’s News

    Today’s Story   As the news director for a New York TV station, Clare Carlson is years away from her role as a newspaper journalist. She misses it from time to time, the place where she won her Pulitzer Prize for the story of Lucy, missing at 11-years old. Fifteen years later there is a Read more

  • Olivia Kiernan: Too Close to Breathe

    Olivia Kiernan: Too Close to Breathe

    Breathless   Detective Chief Super Frankie Sheehan is back on the job. Badly injured by a killer from a previous case, she wants no pity. Her team respect her but are cautious. There is some concern about PTSD. No escaping her keen eye though. Her first case is the death is Dr. Eleanor Costello and Read more

  • Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Small town terror   It’s 1964 and Center Springs Texas has a problem. It starts with the discovery of a dog tortured and killed. As Constable Ned Parker surveys the scene he recognizes this is just a beginning. As the animal killings escalate over the weeks and months, the clues left behind show that the Read more

  • Jennifer Soosar: Parent Teacher Association

    Jennifer Soosar: Parent Teacher Association

    Strange assembly   A good book to mark the return of the school year, the debut novel Parent Teacher Association by Jennifer Soosar. Lizanne Demeter returns to the teaching world after some time in a mental institution. She is grateful for the chance at Splinter Wood Elementary. With new medication in her pocket and determined Read more

  • J Kent Messum: Bait + Interview

    J Kent Messum: Bait + Interview

    Swim for life   Six strangers, all addicts, all from Miami neighbourhoods best left unnamed. Stalked, drugged and kidnapped, they awake on a small, uninhabited island in the Florida Keys. They have one days food and water, and a note advising them to swim for their next fix. It’s waiting for them on another island Read more

  • Sisters in Crime Toronto: 25 Years

    Sisters in Crime Toronto: 25 Years

    Oh What A Night   The Toronto chapter of Sisters in Crime had a wonderful celebration earlier this week, marking 25 years as part of the larger Sisters in Crime organization (who are celebrating 30 years.) The history of this association is fascinating. Women crime fiction writers put remarkable effort and work into to being Read more

  • Jane Harper: The Dry

    Jane Harper: The Dry

      Heat – Drought Hatred – Murder   Aaron Falk left Kiewarra, Australia as a teenager, driving away from rancor and suspicion. Many years later, now a Federal Agent in Melourne, he returns for the funeral of his childhood friend Luke. The friend whom many believe killed his wife and child, before killing himself.  Regional police have ruled it a murder, Read more

  • Bob Kroll: The Hell of it All + Q&A

    Bob Kroll: The Hell of it All + Q&A

       Halifax Noir   A body long buried and undiscovered. An ex-con with vengeance raging in his brain. A prostitute with personal history with Peterson, and a missing daughter. All underscored by pain, loss and regret. T.J. Peterson takes the hard way through everything, leaving those in his wake either gasping or puzzled. For him it’s not the hard way through it’s the only way Read more