Tag: neo-noir

  • Tom Pitts: 101

    Tom Pitts: 101

    Grit in the teeth – Hair up the ass Jerry is a guy going nowhere, but he’s fast heading up the 101 from San Fransisco to Humboldt County, the pot growing mecca of California. He has to hide out with Vic, a friend of his mothers. There is a little matter of stolen money, and…

  • Becky Masterman: Rage Against the Dying

    Becky Masterman: Rage Against the Dying

    One step in One step out   Brigid Quinn retired from the FBI after many years in the field. She never caught the Route 66 killer, and worse than that, she lost an agent to him. With a new husband she adores she lives behind a mask, hiding her fear and regret. The job had…