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  • Kelly J. Ford: Real Bad Things

    Kelly J. Ford: Real Bad Things

    They’d all sworn – Jane, Georgia Lee, Jason, Angie – to never tell… Jane Moody confessed to the murder of her step-father Warren Ingram. His body was never found and the police dismissed her confession. She was just a teenaged girl after all, how could she have killed someone? Now more than 20-years later, Warren’s Read more

  • Will Carver: Psychopaths Anonymous

    Will Carver: Psychopaths Anonymous

    Maeve is a raging alcoholic. Mind you she doesn’t see herself that way. She goes to AA meetings to manipulate and exploit the members there. Inside she ridicules their fears, struggles and triumphs, while presenting a sympathetic demeanor. In Maeve’s mind they are all losers and the whole 12-Step process is one big load of Read more

  • Nick Kolakowski: Love & Bullets

    Nick Kolakowski: Love & Bullets

    The Rockaway Mob is pissed. Bill has made off with their money. He’s tired of the con artist life and sees the money as a score to relieve the tedium of his existence. It could even be a mid-life crisis he’s going thru. The head of the Rockaway mob is The Dean, a fussy, pompous, Read more

  • Adam Bregman: Angelino Heights

    Adam Bregman: Angelino Heights

    Dalton Everest’s life as a teacher is pretty standard. While quite the character with his quirky wit and offbeat sense of humour, he has a narrow group of friends and leads a steady life. He frets about his lack of height and sticks to corduroy jackets from thrift shops to make a statement. A chance Read more

  • Dietrich Kalteis: Cradle of the Deep

    Dietrich Kalteis: Cradle of the Deep

    Bobbi Ricci makes her way in the world the best she can. These days, she’s the girlfriend of Lonzo ‘Maddog’ Palmieri. He’s pretty long in the tooth and not quite the fearsome mobster he used to be, but he likes to play-up the mad dog persona. Bobbi has plans for the money hidden in his Read more

  • Brian Selfon: The Nightworkers

    Brian Selfon: The Nightworkers

    Don’t open it, don’t weigh it, don’t hold it up to the light Welcome to Brooklyn Noir and the neighbourhood of Bushwick. In one tidy home lives Shecky, Kerasha and Henry. Kerasha, 21, is a cousin who had a heroin addicted mother and rotating doors of foster homes. Henry 23, is his nephew, once a Read more

  • Three Autumn Page Turners

    Three Autumn Page Turners

    Time for a few books to get the blood moving in your veins. Ebook available now! Available for Amazon pre-order TOMORROW. What more can I say about Melissa Yi, than I have over the years? Only then, that she continues to write this amazing series I’m totally hooked on. Dr. Hope Sze and her fiancé Read more

  • Jakub Żulczyk: Blinded by the Lights

    Jakub Żulczyk: Blinded by the Lights

    There are three things that Kuba says Warsaw is about: talking, hustling and cocaine. Kuba deals cocaine, or rather he defines himself as a retailer of his hustle. Talking? Barely, and he has a low number of smiles he can sustain in one day to deal with his clients. Tone deaf to his own emotions, Read more

  • Florence Wetzel: The Woman Who Went Overboard

    Florence Wetzel: The Woman Who Went Overboard

    Agnes Andersson needs a husband in her life and the cruise she’s taking is her lifeline to accomplishing that. Self-described as overweight and jowly, she knows she is not desirable to everyone. Still, she is determined to find a tall, handsome husband. She spots Einar immediately, and is thrilled that he is assigned to her Read more

  • Author: Steven Max Russo: The Dead Don’t Sleep

    Author: Steven Max Russo: The Dead Don’t Sleep

    Vendetta – Revenge Frank Thompson is an old warrior, long removed from the jungles and strife of Vietnam. For some warriors though, things are not forgotten. Like the time Thompson killed a black-ops soldier during Operation Phoenix. Spotted by one of the dead soldiers friends at a trap range, while visiting family in New Jersey, Read more

  • Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    London, England Post WWII It’s almost dawn on Christmas day when Newman’s phone rings. A City Councilor is sending his driver to bring the Private Investigator Newman to the scene of an incident. The body of Raymond Jarrett is found outside a church. Jarrett is a pimp for young men to discerning clients. And oh Read more

  • Philip Elliott: Nobody Move

    Philip Elliott: Nobody Move

    Nobody Move is an apt title for this book, as any sudden action among the characters can bring everything to a brutal, bloody stop. But momentum is whirling all around. Eddie Vegas pulling the trigger at the wrong time, Dakota searching for her missing sister, Rufus needing retribution for a dead brother. Then there’s Floyd Read more

  • Alan Parks: Bloody January

    Alan Parks: Bloody January

    Glasgow’s underbelly in the 1970s is well given life in this debut book by Alan Parks. A young man commits murder at a Buchanan St. bus station. Shooting a waitress before killing himself. For DI Harry McCoy the question is why. There isn’t a connection between the two people. When the murder/suicide leaves a dotted Read more

  • John Straley: The Woman Who Married a Bear

    John Straley: The Woman Who Married a Bear

    “There is a story about a human being who marries a bear… How does it end? Depends…on where you are…on who the bear is” This story takes us into the heart of Sitka Alaska, the darker heart. Interlaced with lyrical observations of time and place we have a man convicted of murder. The victim’s mother Read more

  • Math Bird: Welcome to HolyHell

    Math Bird: Welcome to HolyHell

    The return Missing money and the run to HolyHell. It starts with one body and ends with more. In the middle 12-year old Jay. Not long after Nash discovers Bowden has run off with his life savings, Bowden’s body is found in HolyHell. He fell from the roof of a home, the scene of another Read more