Tag: organized crime

  • Stephen Collier: Crimson Dragon

    Stephen Collier: Crimson Dragon

    DI Mandy Lee was young when she escaped from her triad family Crimson Dragon. Now she is a homicide detective in the Hong Kong Police. The crime scene: a triad brothel where a dead woman is found. She isn’t a sex trade worker and this has Lee and her partner shaking their heads. Nothing about Read more

  • Will Staples: Animals

    Will Staples: Animals

    This is the world of endangered animal poaching. It’s a terrible world, and haunting. And in this world insurance investigatior Randall Knight and Kruger National Park ranger Cobus Venter converge. Venter turns vigillante after two Kruger rangers are killed. Knight is on the verge of discovering a virus that could turn into a deadly pandemic. Read more

  • David Shawn Klein: The Money

    David Shawn Klein: The Money

    Never do business in the men’s room Brooklyn is where Harry Krakow plies his trade in the legal system. A lawyer for the hapless caught up in a system they have little understanding of. Anatoly Zhukov approaches Krakow in the men’s room saying he’s not the Zhukov the District Attorney is looking for, he’s a Read more

  • David Hill: The Vapors

    David Hill: The Vapors

    A Southern Family, the New York Mob, and the Rise and Fall of Hot Springs – America’s Forgotten Capital of Vice A bit of a departure here – crime history for your consideration. The place at play in this book is Hot Springs, Arkansas, when it was a sanctum of gambling and horse racing, organized Read more

  • William Boyle: City of Margins

    William Boyle: City of Margins

    It’s South Brooklyn in the 90s and you are about to take a tour of the souls in the City of Margins. Included are two widows, a disgraced cop, a hopeful screenwriter, a college dropout, and a high school girl dreaming of escape. All of them, one way or another, revolve around corruption, suicide, loansharking Read more