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  • David Achord: Wildcat

    David Achord: Wildcat

    Right kind of PI Wrong kind of problems   Thomas Ironcutter has big weight over his head. His wife committed suicide, the police department where he was a detective thinks he did it. He waits for the inevitable. He’s moved on as he can, there is little of the wounded detective in this book. He is pragmatic and…

  • Franklin Schneider & Jennifer Schneider: Black Hills

    Franklin Schneider & Jennifer Schneider: Black Hills

      Town of Corruption Place of Despair   Alice Riley is a disgraced Brooklyn journalist turned private investigator. She came to her new profession by searching for the truth behind a story. Instead, she found self-serving justification and unemployment. She’s in the South Dakota oil fracking town of Whitehurst to investigate the arrest of a former colleague’s…