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  • D.L. Mark: Twist of Fate

    D.L. Mark: Twist of Fate

    Claudine Durdage is a nationally known communications consultant. Her real life is about grieving the loss of her stillborn child. Jethro is her brother, 188 IQ and a rambling, sweet natured hermit, plagued with schizophrenia. He shows up at her office lobby to tell her something incredibly important. Before that can happen a bloodied man…

  • J.B. Stevens: A Therapeutic Death

    J.B. Stevens: A Therapeutic Death

    Violent Short Stories I had to sit on the review for this book to be released. Here it is at last – COVID-19 has created problems for both writers and publishers. So here we have tales of desperation, fear, and longing and desire. All of them wrapped up in stories that seem to have impossible…

  • Curtis Ippolito: Burying the Newspaper Man

    Curtis Ippolito: Burying the Newspaper Man

    The place is San Diego, California, and the cop on the beach beat is Marcus Kemp. He’s got quite the record for finding stolen cars and he’s just located another one. Upon opening the trunk, Kemp finds more than he could have imagined. It’s not the man’s body that alarms him so much. It’s the…

  • Jason Beech: American Spartan +Interview +Bonus Book-1 Review

    Jason Beech: American Spartan +Interview +Bonus Book-1 Review

    SOFTLY, SOFTLY Ricky Nardilo is a cop in the small town where he grew up. His position there is tenuous – he doesn’t know who on the police force he can trust. Everyone in town is owned by Vale. Vale who haunts his life and watches his every step. It wasn’t a great town when…

  • Duane Swierczynski: Revolver

    Duane Swierczynski: Revolver

    Family heritage Family lies   It’s a cop family of three generations. The murder of officer Stan Walczak, along with his partner in 1965, has ramifications felt 50-years later. In 1995, Walczak’s son Jim begins investigating the man he believes is responsible for the double shooting. The ex-con is adamant he was not involved. There…

  • Kathleen Kent: The Dime

    Kathleen Kent: The Dime

    New City Alternate Life   Dallas – Detective Betty Rhyzyk’s new city. A place to forget about policing in Brooklyn. New York law enforcement is her family culture, but that is her past. Her life is in Texas now with her girlfriend Jackie.   She scores a great partner in Seth and deftly handles the other detectives she works with who have problems with her sexual…

  • So Jo

    Jo Nesbo has put out his 10th book – Police – and I have yet to make much of a dent into the great Harry Hole series. So many books, so little time,  so few dollars.   Order The Harry Hole Series by Jo Nesbo