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  • Candace Fox: Crimson Lake

    Candace Fox: Crimson Lake

      Lake of Tears     In Crimson Lake, former detective Ted Conkaffey does his best to remain unnoticed. Charged with the sexual assault of a young girl, no one believes he is innocent when the charges are dropped due to insufficient evidence. Depressed at losing the right to visit his daughter, Conkaffey meets with…

  • George Pelecanos: The Man Who Came Uptown

    George Pelecanos: The Man Who Came Uptown

    Freedom of Words   What George Pelecanos can do so effortlessly is put us in motion, inserting us into the story in progress, and stepping us out at the last page, feeling that the lives therein continue. The Man Who Came Uptown is a book that creates this perpetual motion and is Pelecanos at his…