Tag: Private Investigator

  • Debbi Mack: Fatal Connections

    Debbi Mack: Fatal Connections

    When does a Marine run from a fight? When she’s on probation and in anger management therapy. Called out in the middle of the night to meet with her social media influencer clients the Harcourts, Erica Jensen finds a death scene at their home. Detectives Meredith Sully and Thomas Gordan are suspicious but have no Read more

  • A.J. Devlin: Five Moves of Doom

    A.J. Devlin: Five Moves of Doom

    Back with you at last and an entertaining book to get us going. Elijah Lennox displays his diamond studded UFC Championship belt in his gym. He uses it as an incentive for the young men he trains. One day it’s missing. Lennox turns to “Hammerhead” Jed Ounstead, a retired pro wrestler turned PI who’s known Read more

  • Joe Ide: The Goodbye Coast

    Joe Ide: The Goodbye Coast

    Philip Marlow didn’t last long as a police officer, just like his father Emmett a decorated detective predicted. Ten years in as a private investigator in Los Angeles, Marlow has a reputation for getting things done, and for being difficult to deal with. The introductory case in the book is the missing step-daughter of a Read more

  • John Talton: City of Dark Corners

    John Talton: City of Dark Corners

    Gene Hammons was the best detective in the Phoenix Police Department. That is until he wouldn’t play along to get along. Now a Private Investigator he’s managing pretty well in the Great Depression. A woman’s body is found by the railway tracks. She’s been dismembered and posed. The newspapers are calling it an accident on Read more

  • Jonathan Brown: Don’t Shoot the Drummer

    Jonathan Brown: Don’t Shoot the Drummer

    There’s a 3-member burglary crew around Los Angeles targeting homes under fumigation tents. The press dubs them, the Tent Gang. They’ve been successful, in and out with no problems. Until the night a security guard catches them and is shot and killed for his efforts. Lou Crasher the dynamic, amateur PI is working with the Read more

  • John D Patten: Miami Burn

    John D Patten: Miami Burn

    A missing daughter from a prominent family. Her mother wants her found, just to know she is safe. Her choice for the job – Titus. Ex-con, former detective. A man seemingly just passing through and working as a bartender. And yet recommended for the mission. It’s when the family tries to pay him off , Read more

  • Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    Janet Roger: Shamus Dust

    London, England Post WWII It’s almost dawn on Christmas day when Newman’s phone rings. A City Councilor is sending his driver to bring the Private Investigator Newman to the scene of an incident. The body of Raymond Jarrett is found outside a church. Jarrett is a pimp for young men to discerning clients. And oh Read more

  • John Straley: The Woman Who Married a Bear

    John Straley: The Woman Who Married a Bear

    “There is a story about a human being who marries a bear… How does it end? Depends…on where you are…on who the bear is” This story takes us into the heart of Sitka Alaska, the darker heart. Interlaced with lyrical observations of time and place we have a man convicted of murder. The victim’s mother Read more

  • George Pelecanos: The Man Who Came Uptown

    George Pelecanos: The Man Who Came Uptown

    Freedom of Words   What George Pelecanos can do so effortlessly is put us in motion, inserting us into the story in progress, and stepping us out at the last page, feeling that the lives therein continue. The Man Who Came Uptown is a book that creates this perpetual motion and is Pelecanos at his Read more

  • Terence McCauley: The Fairfax Incident

    Terence McCauley: The Fairfax Incident

    Smooth Operator Charlie Doherty is WWI veteran, and ex-police. A bag man forced off the job so the Chief of Police could keep his. Now a Private Investigator, he has the backing of an influential family whose son he saved. Doherty is a sharp-dressed man with wealthy clients. One of who’s patriarch has committed suicide. Read more

  • Matt Goldman: Gone to Dust

    Matt Goldman: Gone to Dust

    Bitter remains   Nils Shapiro, a Minnesota police officer laid-off from the job becomes a Private Investigator. The town of Edina asks Shap to help with an unusual homicide. The victim, was found on her bed covered with debris from vacuum cleaner bags, many bags. Working with a former colleague the investigation points toward a Read more

  • Lou Berney: The Long and Faraway Gone

    Lou Berney: The Long and Faraway Gone

    Rock & Roll Lullaby   1986: Two events in Oklahoma City. A young girl’s teenage sister goes missing, and a massacre at small cinema, leaves only one employee alive. Fast forward twenty-six years. The lone survivor, now legally known as Wyatt Rivers, is a PI living in Las Vegas. A favour for a colleague has Read more

  • Lev D Lewis: Jellyfish

    Lev D Lewis: Jellyfish

    Disgraced lawyer PI extraordinaire*   Frank Bale is the private investigator of his dreams. *Dream being the operative. The world sees one version,  beaten and broke. He sees a South London Marlowe and Chandler. He’s mouthy and can’t keep his dick in his pants. We start with a woman whose husband wants a divorce and Read more

  • David Achord: Wildcat

    David Achord: Wildcat

    Right kind of PI Wrong kind of problems   Thomas Ironcutter has big weight over his head. His wife committed suicide, the police department where he was a detective thinks he did it. He waits for the inevitable. He’s moved on as he can, there is little of the wounded detective in this book. He is pragmatic and Read more

  • Franklin Schneider & Jennifer Schneider: Black Hills

    Franklin Schneider & Jennifer Schneider: Black Hills

      Town of Corruption Place of Despair   Alice Riley is a disgraced Brooklyn journalist turned private investigator. She came to her new profession by searching for the truth behind a story. Instead, she found self-serving justification and unemployment. She’s in the South Dakota oil fracking town of Whitehurst to investigate the arrest of a former colleague’s Read more