Tag: psychological thriller

  • Florence Wetzel: The Woman Who Went Overboard

    Florence Wetzel: The Woman Who Went Overboard

    Agnes Andersson needs a husband in her life and the cruise she’s taking is her lifeline to accomplishing that. Self-described as overweight and jowly, she knows she is not desirable to everyone. Still, she is determined to find a tall, handsome husband. She spots Einar immediately, and is thrilled that he is assigned to her Read more

  • Andrew Diamond: To Hell With Johnny Manic

    Andrew Diamond: To Hell With Johnny Manic

    Tom Gantry is a man trembling on the edge of collapse. He has assumed the persona of John Manis AKA Johnny Manic, a wealthy IT coding guru. The resemblance is so striking that Manis would play tricks on people, and laugh like hell at the deceit. Gantry gambles his way through Manis’ fortune before settling Read more

  • Masako Togawa: The Lady Killer

    Masako Togawa: The Lady Killer

        Philanderer, killer   The Lady Killer is a publication from 1963 translated from Japanese, it’s a little bit pulp and a little bit clever in its rendering of the tale. Ichiro Honda is a smooth operator who targets women to fulfill his  sexual needs. He chooses the lonely and the uncertain. By his Read more

  • Melissa Yi: Death Flight

    Melissa Yi: Death Flight

    ETA Emergency Just a sneak peak into Autumn and no better book than this new one by Melissa Yi. It’s number six in the Dr. Hope Sze medical crime novel series. Dr. Hope Sze flies from Montreal to Los Angeles to see Dr. John Tucker, one of the two men she is in love with. Read more

  • Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Reavis Z. Wortham: The Rock Hole

    Small town terror   It’s 1964 and Center Springs Texas has a problem. It starts with the discovery of a dog tortured and killed. As Constable Ned Parker surveys the scene he recognizes this is just a beginning. As the animal killings escalate over the weeks and months, the clues left behind show that the Read more

  • The Crime Writer: Gregg Hurwitz

    The Crime Writer: Gregg Hurwitz

    Conscious selection Unconscious crime   Crime fiction writer Drew Danner, awakes in the hospital. The police found him over the body of his former fiancée, covered in blood and having seizures. A trial sets him free and the real story begins. Danner had a brain tumour at the time of the murder, and doesn’t know Read more

  • Jennifer Soosar: Parent Teacher Association

    Jennifer Soosar: Parent Teacher Association

    Strange assembly   A good book to mark the return of the school year, the debut novel Parent Teacher Association by Jennifer Soosar. Lizanne Demeter returns to the teaching world after some time in a mental institution. She is grateful for the chance at Splinter Wood Elementary. With new medication in her pocket and determined Read more

  • Marcus Sakey: Afterlife

    Marcus Sakey: Afterlife

      Entwined in ether   Claire McCoy, FBI boss, Will Brody, her direct report. Lovers just discovering each other. Their lives severed then rejoined in a place neither could expect. Afterlife is not paradise. Existence on a different plane is rife with danger and more than that, it’s not even the last stop on an Read more

  • Dot Hutchinson: The Butterfly Garden

    Dot Hutchinson: The Butterfly Garden

      Wings that don’t fly   An enclosed garden filled with butterflies, tended by a congenial gardener. Only the butterflies are beautiful women captured and intricately tattooed. And the congeniality is the smooth mask of a psychopath.   The man takes very good care of them over the years as they are there to serve his pleasure. When Read more

  • David Joy: Where All Light Tends to Go

      Backwoods Noir   Jacob McNeely lives a life of self-imposed constraint. He feels cast in a poisoned drama of parental tragedy. His father Charlie runs an meth ring and has the local police on his payroll. His mother is a meth addict.   Jacob believes the script of his life is written and there Read more