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  • Pete Mesling: The Portable Nine

    Pete Mesling: The Portable Nine

    Nine villians…no wait, nine assassins, because not all assassins are villians… Welcome to the world of The Portable Nine. They dispersed years ago to their own decay and devices. Now Davenport, the Mad Man of Malta, is bringing them all together again in a venture to make them rich, and have a bit of revenge Read more

  • Jason Beech: Keep the Motor Running

    Jason Beech: Keep the Motor Running

    Not a Love Triangle – Something Else Jason Beech presents us with three people: Karl Lankester, married with two children, a wife who’s just hanging on, and her badgering mother. Tempest Stanley, Karl’s neighbour. Sultry, sharp and embarrassed that she’s sunk so low to put up living with an abusive boyfriend. Czech Downes, Tempest’s boyfriend, Read more

  • Moonlight & Misadventure

    Moonlight & Misadventure

    Moonlight & Misadventure is a journey into the devilish minds of several crime fiction authors. Some I’d read before and some new reads. The discovery and re-discovery is always an entertaining process. Here’s a quick overview to whet your appetite: Michael A. Clark – Scavenger Hunt, has an undercover FBI agent in a skiff with Read more

  • Paul Heatley: Bloodline

    Paul Heatley: Bloodline

    He’s AWOL from a black-ops unit and moves often to leave no trace. It’s when his brother Anthony’s pregnant wife is murdered, that Tom Rollins comes home. The once fuck-up Anthony had gone undercover for the FBI and infiltrated a neo Nazi group. He was outed, leading to his wife’s death, and his own brutal Read more

  • Leith C. MacArthur: The Death of Harry Crow

    Leith C. MacArthur: The Death of Harry Crow

    Available July 15th – Click here to Pre-order William Snow finds missing people, specifically children and teenagers. In fact, he has an unusual gift for it. Approached by a friend he agrees to find 18-year old Laura Crow who is unaccounted for. Snow doesn’t do this work alone, retired race boat driver Mooney is his Read more

  • David Albertyn: Undercard

    David Albertyn: Undercard

    Win at all costs! Finally got around to reading this explosive book by David Albertyn, and I can say, Undercard is the book for you. Tyron Shaw has just been released from the Marines. An effective soldier based overseas, he’s seen his share of terror and blood. Arriving home he finds his friend, Quinn the Read more

  • Author: Steven Max Russo: The Dead Don’t Sleep

    Author: Steven Max Russo: The Dead Don’t Sleep

    Vendetta – Revenge Frank Thompson is an old warrior, long removed from the jungles and strife of Vietnam. For some warriors though, things are not forgotten. Like the time Thompson killed a black-ops soldier during Operation Phoenix. Spotted by one of the dead soldiers friends at a trap range, while visiting family in New Jersey, Read more

  • Catharine Riggs: What She Gave Away

    Catharine Riggs: What She Gave Away

    Admittedly, Crystal Love had a pretty tough life. Adopted by a dysfunctional couple, she was abandoned by both of them when the marriage ended. Revenge against society became Love’s lifestyle. A plus size woman in a skinny world, she imagined the worse thing that could happen to someone, and then made it come true. Kathi Read more

  • Benedict J Jones: The Gingerbread Houses

    Benedict J Jones: The Gingerbread Houses

    With bonus Q&A below Not much is pretty about the Gingerbread Houses, an image that normally conjures beauty and charm. These Gingerbread Houses are vile places where degenerate behaviours are forced upon the young. PI Charlie ‘Bars’ Constantinople is hired to find a pedophile using the name Teddy Bear. A man who has left the Read more

  • On the road: Nova Scotia

    On the road: Nova Scotia

    Greetings from the Maritime province of Nova Scotia. I’m here visiting with friends and family. As I’ve been a bit busy, I decided to do something a little different. Last week I posted a review of the book Conviction by Denise Mina. A note from my blogging friend Victoria Weisfeld, let me know she was Read more

  • Gale Massey: The Girl From Blind River

    Gale Massey: The Girl From Blind River

    Bottom of the Deck If you are Jamie Elders, you are living in a dingy trailer under the thumb of your criminal uncle. Your teenage brother has problems with anger management, and your mother is an ex-con just released from prison. Jamie is 19 and knows life is better – somewhere. Meantime, she’s pretending to Read more

  • Thomas Pluck: Bad Boy Boogie

    Thomas Pluck: Bad Boy Boogie

      Darkness aired   The town bully and budding psychopath was killed by 17-year old Jay Desmarteaux. Everyone knew he deserved it, but only one person went to prison for it. Twenty-five years later and out on early release, the town and its hierarchy don’t want Desmarteaux around. Not a surprise really, but why have Papa Read more

  • Jordan Harper: She Rides Shotgun

    Jordan Harper: She Rides Shotgun

    Weave & dodge   She’s learned how to take a punch, how to strangle, how to manipulate. Granted it was all there inside her, an anger roiling like spoiled milk in her stomach.  She pushed these feelings down as she dealt with the bullies at school. Life can be hard at eleven. Polly is on Read more

  • Melissa Scrivner Love: Lola

    Melissa Scrivner Love: Lola

    Gal next door   Lola is one capable woman. Smart enough, that everyone believes her boyfriend Garcia heads the Crenshaw Six. She has the ruthless intelligence to lead from behind. The Six are a small gang who’ve carved out a niche in their South Central LA neighbourhood. They come up against forces darker than themselves when events Read more

  • Marcus Sakey: Afterlife

    Marcus Sakey: Afterlife

      Entwined in ether   Claire McCoy, FBI boss, Will Brody, her direct report. Lovers just discovering each other. Their lives severed then rejoined in a place neither could expect. Afterlife is not paradise. Existence on a different plane is rife with danger and more than that, it’s not even the last stop on an Read more