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  • Sue Coletta: Pretty Evil New England

    Sue Coletta: Pretty Evil New England

    Sue Coletta Interview + Pretty Evil New England Book Giveaway! As you know, I like to shake things up now and again. This time, it’s featuring crime fiction author Sue Coletta, writing her first true crime book. Not just that, Coletta has provided an interview on how she managed the writing transition from crime fiction…

  • Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Mystery Lady   I first brought Sue Coletta to this website when I put her book Marred on the 2016 Summer Reads list. It’s amazing what has transpired since then. With perseverance and hard work, she has moved forward with several projects, and sparked much admiration among her peers. For this guest post, I wanted…

  • Summer reads

    Summer reads

    It’s now full-on summer and perhaps you need a little down time with a good book…or three…or more. I’ll let you get on with my suggested reading¬†while I put Murder in Common on it’s summer hiatus. See you in September!   How about a¬†double dip from crime fiction author Sue Coletta:   Marred Sage Quintano…