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  • Dietrich Kalteis: Under an Outlaw Moon

    Dietrich Kalteis: Under an Outlaw Moon

    Stella Mae and Bennie met at a roller rink. She was fifteen, he was in his 20s and fresh out of the Missouri State Penitentiary for bank robbery. Stella dreams of a house with a nice yard. Bennie ponders and plots how to get that for her. I’s not the straight life. He teaches Stella Read more

  • Halley Sutton: The Lady Upstairs

    Halley Sutton: The Lady Upstairs

    Blackmail, Corruption – All in a Day’s Work Jo, Lou and Jackal all work for the Lady Upstairs. Lou is the only one who has direct contact with Lady. She delivers the targets, and they get to work. The targets: wealthy men who are somehow on Lady’s radar. Generally, cheating, corrupt, thieving, assholes. Jackal didn’t Read more

  • Christopher Swann: Never Turn Back

    Christopher Swann: Never Turn Back

    Ethan Faulkner lives a moderate life as an English professor. There is much in his past, namely the survival of a home invasion, that he’s worked at forgetting. Along with his sister Susannah, he is taken in by his Uncle Gavin. Ethan coped well, but Susannah…she had issues. Issues, that in the end, Ethan couldn’t Read more

  • Trace Conger: Mirage Man

    Trace Conger: Mirage Man

    Fans of Trace Connor will immediately recognize, through writing alone, that Connor Harding is the brother of Finn Harding from the award winning Mr. Finn Series. The Harding brothers have other things in common besides family. They are both quick to act and both see things through. Both have taken lives, but one brother without Read more

  • The Whisper Man: Alex North

    The Whisper Man: Alex North

    If you’re lonely, sad, and blue, the Whisper Man will come for you Tom and his son Jake have moved to a new house in a new town after the unexpected death of Tom’s wife. It is there that he learns about The Whisper Man, Frank Carter, a murderer of children who has been in Read more

  • TH1RT3EN: Steve Cavanagh

    TH1RT3EN: Steve Cavanagh

    The wife of a Hollywood ‘It’ couple is found dead with her security guard in bed beside her. The husband, Robert Solomon is charged with their murders, and it’s the sensational trial of the year. The defense team hires Eddie Flynn to take on the police evidence. He’s got a bad history with the police Read more

  • Nick Kolakowski: Boise Longpig Hunting Club

    Nick Kolakowski: Boise Longpig Hunting Club

    In their sights   Jake Halligan is a bounty hunter in Idaho. Money can be tight, but he and his ex-wife are about to remarry, so things are looking up. It’s not the only anomaly in his life, his sister Frankie is a black-market arms dealer and one tough woman. Arriving home from visiting neighbours, Read more

  • Brian Klingborg: Kill Devil Falls

    Brian Klingborg: Kill Devil Falls

    Gold in the hills   U.S. Marshal Helen Morrissey is annoyed. She’s been assigned the mundane task of prisoner pick-up and transport. Worse, she has to drive to the town of Kill Devil Falls to get her. Virtually abandoned for years, the town has only a few people within its borders of contaminated water and sink holes. Read more

  • Todd Merer: The Extraditionist

    Todd Merer: The Extraditionist

    Convolution   Crime lords, thugs and assorted villains are money in the bank for Benn Bluestone. He moves in a world of drugs, cash and most importantly leverage. He’s sharp, cagey, and a practiced libertine. Sombra: part legend, identity unknown. Members of other syndicates are pieces on a chess board. Plotting moves for and against Read more

  • Winner – Zero Avenue

      Finally! The winner of Zero Avenue by Dietrich Kalteis is: R. Gelpi – Maine, USA ECW Press is shipping a copy to the address provided Many thanks to those who followed Murder in Common I hope you all find new books to enjoy Interested? Check out the review of Zero Avenue ~ June Lorraine Read more

  • Jennifer Soosar: Parent Teacher Association

    Jennifer Soosar: Parent Teacher Association

    Strange assembly   A good book to mark the return of the school year, the debut novel Parent Teacher Association by Jennifer Soosar. Lizanne Demeter returns to the teaching world after some time in a mental institution. She is grateful for the chance at Splinter Wood Elementary. With new medication in her pocket and determined Read more

  • Late Summer Hiatus

    Late Summer Hiatus

    Time for my summer hiatus. Take a walk in a mysterious wood while I’m away. See you in late September… ~ June Lorraine Photo credit: J Chanders

  • Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Person of Interest: Sue Coletta

    Mystery Lady   I first brought Sue Coletta to this website when I put her book Marred on the 2016 Summer Reads list. It’s amazing what has transpired since then. With perseverance and hard work, she has moved forward with several projects, and sparked much admiration among her peers. For this guest post, I wanted Read more

  • Marcus Sakey: Afterlife

    Marcus Sakey: Afterlife

      Entwined in ether   Claire McCoy, FBI boss, Will Brody, her direct report. Lovers just discovering each other. Their lives severed then rejoined in a place neither could expect. Afterlife is not paradise. Existence on a different plane is rife with danger and more than that, it’s not even the last stop on an Read more

  • J Kent Messum: Bait + Interview

    J Kent Messum: Bait + Interview

    Swim for life   Six strangers, all addicts, all from Miami neighbourhoods best left unnamed. Stalked, drugged and kidnapped, they awake on a small, uninhabited island in the Florida Keys. They have one days food and water, and a note advising them to swim for their next fix. It’s waiting for them on another island Read more