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  • Adam Bregman: Angelino Heights

    Adam Bregman: Angelino Heights

    Dalton Everest’s life as a teacher is pretty standard. While quite the character with his quirky wit and offbeat sense of humour, he has a narrow group of friends and leads a steady life. He frets about his lack of height and sticks to corduroy jackets from thrift shops to make a statement. A chance Read more

  • Dietrich Kalteis: Cradle of the Deep

    Dietrich Kalteis: Cradle of the Deep

    Bobbi Ricci makes her way in the world the best she can. These days, she’s the girlfriend of Lonzo ‘Maddog’ Palmieri. He’s pretty long in the tooth and not quite the fearsome mobster he used to be, but he likes to play-up the mad dog persona. Bobbi has plans for the money hidden in his Read more

  • Jonathan Brown: The Big Crescendo

    Jonathan Brown: The Big Crescendo

    The L.A. Practice Joint isn’t much, but it’s got cheap rates and works for the up and comers, and those who never will be. Lou Crasher collects the money and books the rooms, meantime picking up gigs around the city as a drummer. Hi main gal is a 1965 Mustang, but lately it’s Angela that’s Read more

  • Tom Pitts: 101

    Tom Pitts: 101

    Grit in the teeth – Hair up the ass Jerry is a guy going nowhere, but he’s fast heading up the 101 from San Fransisco to Humboldt County, the pot growing mecca of California. He has to hide out with Vic, a friend of his mothers. There is a little matter of stolen money, and Read more